Inexpensive white hanging planter?

So, I have a medium sized aloe plant that I want to hang indoors. The room that best suits it - right amount of light, etc. - has limited surface space, and in front of the windows are radiator covers, which would kill it. For a while, I’ve been searching for an inexpensive, white hanging planter to plant it in. The aloe would need a pot of about nine inches in diameter. What I have in mind is modern-ish - a simple, clean-cut design. Problem is, they don’t seem to exist. Either the product is too expensive (some go way over one hundred dollars :eek: ), or two inches in diameter (or both). Does anyone know of any hanging planters that would work?

I’m not sure what you consider a “simple, clean-cut design.” Are you thinking plastic? Fabric? Anyway, have you tried Etsy? You’ll be able to find a lot of what you’re describing, I would think, and some artists will make custom pieces or make the same item in several colors and/or sizes. Good luck!

A half-gallon ice cream tub and a half hour of macrame?

Like this?

Etsy is a really good idea - they do have a huge variety of designs. Thanks!

That’s a cool idea! Although, if memories of attempts at making friendship bracelets at 8 years old are to be trusted, I don’t know how talented I am at macrame. :smiley:

That’s actually what I was looking at before - I may end up going with it. Originally, I was unsure about where I’d hang it, but I might be able to rig up a curtain rod and put it there.

[Hijack]I read “white hanging planter” and my first thought was, honestly, “Is it about the Nat Turner rebellion?”[/Hijack, with apologies]