Info wanted on a quote: "I wanna put forth a theory..."

I have a 3-CD set called “Psy-Trance 2 Euphoria Mixed by John 00 Fleming”.

On disc 2 there is a song by “Mad Maxx vs. Bionix” called “The Old Times”.

In this song, there is a spoken line: “I wanna put forth a theory… That altering one’s consciousness is beneficial… You wanna get high? Have a good time.”

It sound to me as if it were spoken by John F. Kennedy, but I’m sure I must be wrong on that.

After a bunch of google, I can’t seem to find any concrete info about who spoke this quote, and in what context.

Can anyone here help point my to a bit of info on this quote?


Hey man. I signed up here just to help ya out. I too have the CD and enjoy the track. I love Psy Trance 'cause of the quotes from movies and like this.

I didn’t have to Google this as I recognised the voice instantly. It’s that of American talk show host Bill O’Riley. The quote is from an interview given in 2007 (I think), where he interviews Jacob Sullum about the content of his book Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use. Here is the YouTube video about it: - O’Riley makes the quote you hear in the track just after 1:30.

After almost 9 months, I will finally be able to get a decent night’s sleep, knowing this answer! Thanks so much!!! I never would have guessed that it was taken (even out of context as it was) from Bill O’Riley!