I saw an infomercial the other day for a hamster that eats OPs.

Heh… I was the “star” of an infomercial once. I was happy when it disappeared too.

Whoa. That’s weird. I wonder why that happenned.
I wanted it to say how I just had a moment of great weakness and got something from an infomercial. But come on, how can you resist a set of 10 Miracle Blade Perfection Series 3 blades? They slice, they dice, they make julian fries! Will not break! will not…it broke. Well, I can always try and return them if I don’t like the things.

Which infomercial?

Are you Lori Davis?


I love watching infomercials, unless they are fitness, how to lose weight, or how to make money ones.

Last night I saw my all time favorite one. I forget the product’s name, but it is a blander/processor that can blend bricks.

Anything by Ronco is usually good.