Infrequent Posting Problem

Some of the time I try to post recently, I get this message:

This happens on multiple networks across multiple States (I’ve been traveling). But it started about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

One night I could not even post the entire night, on two different PCs using two different browsers on each. Windows XP IE 8.0 and Firefox 3.6.

Anyone else seeing this?

No I have never seen that. But if you’re using the same ISP for each computer and locale that you post from, that could indicate a problem with them and why it’s happening over multiple states.

I have had it happen, but then I tried again a moment later and was able to post. It has happened a couple of times to me.

No, it’s been doing it from airports, hotels, corporate offices, and power plants, none of which have the same ISP.

It’s a known problem in Firefox 3.6. But I have no idea about IE.

Frankly I updated to 3.6 today and I really want to downgrade already. Having a lot of copy/paste problems that I have never seen before today…

Ah, I missed that thread. And it’s possible I misremembered IE being the issue since I typically have both open at the same time. Thanks!

i keep getting a database error

I periodically get the same thing, Una, both here and on the giraffeboards. I am using FF 3.6 and both boards use vB.

This issue is unrelated to the OP. We have been seeing this infrequently over the last few weeks, and we are working on determining the root cause.

It’s a bug in FireFox. Only known solution for now is to downgrade to 3.5.8