Error trying to post message

A couple of times in the last few days, I’ve received an error upon trying to post a response to a thread. The error was something along the lines of ‘your submission could not be processed due to a missing security token’, IIRC. Usually, hitting the back button and re-submitting seems to solve the problem.

Does anybody have an idea what could cause this, and is anybody else experiencing something similar?

I recently upgraded to Firefox 3.6, so it might be just me…

Thanks for reporting that.

It’s been a while since we saw that sort of message but it’s good to know. I’ll pass that information up.

Well that’s certainly a fast response. Thanks!

Actually I get this regularly. Curiously enough it’s whenever I am trying to post a drunken drive by!! Most recently I was gonna post a jokey comment in the $50 thread suggesting Confucious or Chairman Mao should have his face on the note seeing as china pwns all your base notes!

The SDMB ogs are wise to me!

This is a reported bug in Firefox 3.6:

The only known solution at this time is to downgrade back to 3.5.7.


Thanks for digging this up, xash; I guess I can live with it till somebody comes up with a fix. :slight_smile:

I’ve been getting the old “Cannot Display Page” error. If I back up and do it a second time, it works. Once or twice, I’ve had to repeat a third time. (I use Explorer.)