Insane Clown Posse ... your thoughts?

I think that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.

Then trust me that you certainly don’t want to watch it. :smiley:

I remember reading through the wikipedia articles on ICP, and recalling how they’d created such an aura of fan loyalty, each waiting to see what the next CD’s message would be with all these cards and hidden messages and everything, and then I recalled being amused that the final message from these guys was actually a religious tone.
Always amusing, but maybe it’s helped a few of those people find their way to something that they needed?

I really liked Crazytown, and I was one of a small number of folks (something like 50K total) who purchased their second album.

At least the singer was pretty clear about who they were. I caught them at Ozfest some years back, and he said that no matter what, as long as their song “Butterfly” was out there, girls would have something to strip to. hehehe

My brother was a Juggalo for a while, and I can understand the idea behind it, but as with anything that digs up the LCD, you tend to get the good overwhelmed by the bad.

Are they still putting out albums?

I’ve got an album (Milenko), and I get a kick out of it from time to time. And they did a song ripping on Eminem, which has to be worth something.

The fans, though, are kinda pathetic. I was out driving with my mother one afternoon, and we passed two kids in the full face paint. This was not even near Halloween, it was broad daylight, and we were in a residential area. She told me that they were students of hers, and that they had showed up to school in the face paint before. I really wanted to pull over just to point and laugh at them.

And as wrestlers, they were untalented spot monkeys that couldn’t work worth a shit. They don’t know a wristlock from a wrist watch, can’t sell, and wouldn’t know a crowd pop if one bit them in the ass.

I liked them somewhat in the mid-90s. I never took them seriously, but goddamn some of their songs are funny as hell and pretty creative. Night of the Axe is just ridiculously, hilariously over-the-top brutal in its violence, and “Love Song”, “Red Neck Hoe”, etc, are just as extreme in their portrayal of women. Every once in awhile I break out some of their older albums and listen to them, mostly out of nostalgia, but I never bought The Jeckel Brothers (heard it a couple times), and haven’t bought anything or heard much since then.

I agree that juggaloes in general are pretty damn annoying, sleazy people, but I’d be willing to bet you misinterpreted something else as racism. ICP are explicitly (violently even, heh) anti-racist, and juggaloes are notoriously enthusiastic about agreeing with them on everything. A racist who liked them would not like them anymore after hearing:

And, well, just look up the lyrics to Your Rebel Flag for yourself. The whole song is about killing bigots/racists.

As an insane part time clown, I never really felt that ICP really got what being insane or a clown was really about.

They ruined the floors in my apartment. :mad:

Okay, maybe not them, but their roadies. Or maybe the band themselves. The older inhabitants of my building can’t remember if it was the band or the roadies that lived here. But they were hell on the floors. Apparently, whoever it was that lived here, they threw the sort of parties you’d expect people affiliated with Insane Clown Posse to throw.

The good news is that my security deposit won’t be touched for the scratches my chairs make, because they were so trashed when I moved in. The bad news is that it’s impossible to take a single step without the hardwood floor shrieking in pain.

Can’t say as I’ve ever heard their music, though.

I see WhyNot’s name in my inbox and expect a brilliant, detailed, post feminist critique of ICP informed by an agnostic neopagan perspective. I click eagerly and get

It took me a while to stop laughing.

This thread

They’ve been millionaires for over a decade, so unless you live in a pretty ritzy apartment, I doubt it was them.

It’s not the Gold Coast, but it’s not an el cheapo unit, either. We’ve been here four years, and the guy before us was here at least 6 years. The landlord tells me that Clyde (the guy who lived here before us) was able to get the apartment because the landlord didn’t have the nads to throw the Insane Clown Tenants out, so Clyde did it for him.

Again, not sure if it was the band or the roadies; no one who was here back then is into that genre of music enough to know for sure.

Either way, makes a good story to answer, “Wow, why are your floors so squeaky?!” :smiley:

They were pretty good workers as non-wrestlers go. Definitely better than Bill Kazmeier, Kevin Greene, Jay Leno, David Arquette, Hulk Hogan…

It’s easy (and in many ways, accurate) to dismiss them as talentless shock-rappers, but they actually did manage to write some decent songs. Homey Baby Mama Drama and Thy Wraith both manage to work their way into my playlists, even though I am not at all a juggalo or even really a fan.

The only time I’ve ever heard their music was at a Consumer Electronics Show. DTS had a suite where they had a 15 minute presentation of music videos mixed in surround sound, and one of the clips was from ICP. It didn’t offend me any more than most rap, and the mix was very inventive. I managed to crack up the guy sitting next to me when the woman giving the presentation introduced the IPC clip by whispering “She doesn’t look like a Juggalo”.

Never heard of em’.

Crikey! Did that baby die of shame at having such a slovenly mother?

. . . good . . . god . . .

I have a great photo (which unfortunately is not online because I only have a hard copy and no scanner) of a couple of huge tanks fenced into an enclosure with a sign on the fence that says “LITTER IS OBSCENE, KEEP YOUR DESERT CLEAN”.