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Do I win a price?

“Why did Jonathan Taylor Thomas get all the fame and I didn’t? I bet he got his all of his cash back when the show was still on the air!”

" HA HA, I showed you, Mom and Dad!

My new Mommy, er, wife and I have access to my Trust Fund now!"
hmmm. You know, I am all for people dating older people, younger people, whatever floats your boat, but I can’t imagine dating an 18 year old and I’m not even 33 yet.

Do you suppose they went to prom together?

What’s 18 year old Taran gonna do with 1.5 Mil? Buy a “z” for his name?

18-year-old heterosexual male.

33-year-old heterosexual female.

Considering both of them are either at, or approaching, the peaks of their sex drive, I think his fortunes will be spent largely on condoms, rubber marital aids, and assorted brown-bag videos…

Where are they now?

by Ashton Kucher
April 09, 2022

PETROLEUM COUNTY, MT: Back in the brief period of time when Tim Allen wasn’t a cocaine dealer, he had a television show, and on that show was a young star on the rise: Taran Noah Smith.

You may remember Taran as the fellow who risked his childhood earnings to be the first person to use gene therapy to transgender himself, a risky operation at the time which resulted in some rather unusual–and spectacular–side-effects.

Well, he’s back in a big way. He’s making asteroid-sized tsunamis here in Petroleum County with his one…man show, “The Mugwump Monologues,” adapeted from William S. Burroughs’ Naked Lunch. Rex Reed calls it, “the most explosive show I’ve seen since Peter North retired!”

But don’t forget your raincoat and galoshes, because Taran’s just gushing with talent these days…

ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. Heh … a “z”.