Insomniacs unite!! aka (It is 1:AM, and I feel the need to post!)

What ho!

Hark! Though I quote Shakespeare, rest assured I am definitely not as eloquent as he. Especially since it is damned close to 1:AM here, and I am lesser the man I usually am, thanks to insomnia.

I have had the strangest sleep patterns as of late. Granted, Friday night was due to an imbalanced chemistry (read: “whiskey”), and Saturday night was just plain weird–due to some local thunderstorms which kept me up all damn night. But this evenin’, due to the fact that I slept in so late on this morn, I just can’t quite fall asleep.

For the love of Og, someone please hit me with a large, frozen trout to put me unconsious.

Mmmm . . . trout.

Sorry, all I got’s a fresh salmon. (tis the season of fishing madness in my neck of the woods).

And actually, I don’t really HAVE a salmon on hand, since I am of the unique variety of Alaskan that HATES fishing. But I do know where to get one. Or at least some salmon steaks.

It’s not nearly as late here for me though, only 11:30pm.

It’s only 11:30 there? Interesting. . .

I’m starting to think my body is reverting back to Afghani-time: 11 1/2 hours ahead of what I’m typically used to. Is it possible to get jet lag three weeks after your return trip?

Seriously, I’m still wide awake, and I don’t know why.

Woo, lookit that: it’s now 1:33 AM local.

1 am, and you’re calling that insomnia? Pfft. I finally fell asleep around 5:30 am today, and after waking up a few times, finally woke up for real around 10. And I’ve been on a similar schedule for about the last month. Now THAT’S insomnia.

… a month?

Pussy. :stuck_out_tongue: