Instructables, oh dear og, help me stop!

Okay, it’s not cute cats but it is addictive. Every so often I follow a link posted somewhere or look through my bookmarks and end up at instructables dot com again … and then I just can’t leave!

I keep looking at different projects and bookmarking them for later. So far, I have only done one of these things but that’s probably a good track record for me. The creativity and intelligence that goes into many of these things also gives me hope for my fellow man.

As I was switching browser tabs back and forth between instructables and Straight Dope I got to thinking that this seems right up Doper’s alley and some of the Dopers must have projects there or at least have done some of this stuff or just have their own little odd projects that they do/have done. So how about it?
By the way, the only project I’ve done so far is hollowing out a light bulb, not for illegal activities, I want to use them as a small bud vase. I’m going to make some kind of holder for them eventually.

Oh and this is one of my favorite projects (to look at) so far, check out his squid sculpture, too!

I want to make a bunch of the LED Throwies to light my house for my next party. Pretty!

Seen this site before. Its ultra nifty, that’s for sure.

I made one, because I just so happened to have the materials laying around the house. Later, it occured to me for a pool party to make some of these without the magnets and put them in emptied water bottles sealed up and float them in the pool. maybe put a small weight in the cap so you only see the bottoms or something.

Love instructables. I don’t think the hot rod flashlight was on there, but I saw a video for it on metacafe. Basically, buy a cheap throw-away AA flashlight, open up the battery area to hold CR123 batteries (3V each), there will be room for 3 batteries in the flashlight, replace the bulb to handle 9V and you have a hot rod flashlight. Loved it until it melted the reflector. Need to find a throw-away with a metal reflector.

Bwah! The robot has a penis and balls! And guns!

I like the idea of Instructables, but I’m sulking and staying away from the place at the moment. I posted an instructable on how to make these quick-and-easy supports that can be used as trestles or sawhorses. It was unpublished the next day because “This really doesn’t fit our criteria for an instructable”.

I bet you guys would like this place, too.

I spend a lot of time browsing there! It’s really addictive.

How can I persuade Pepper Mill to make me Boobs in a Box?

Hey, this is cool! I wonder if I’ll ever get motivated enough to do more than browse!

Hey, I found one perfect for the SDMB! A Death Ray! I don’t think it’s a 1920’s style one though.

I like the saw horses. You must not have had enough images/steps when you published it. Our publishing guidelines are very inclusive, but we do unpublish Instructables that we feel need better documentation before we can publish them to our audience.

Yay! Someone topped my thread! So are you an official of instructables? Do you have some sort of radar when someone talks about instructables on other websites or are you just watching me?

As for the documentation thing, I’ve seen quite a few instructables that had little or no documentation and it seemed like they’d been there for a while. Do some just get missed or do you rely on people reporting the not good ones to you?

Another site to look at is The blog mentions just about anything you might want to build, and a few that just about anybody sane wouldn’t want to. :eek: