int it cool's talk back forum fourm is the bigest TROLL CAVE on the net

I like AICN It’s a good film site, but it’s talkback threads are a good example of what happens to unmonitered fourms

I just spent to much time reading a bunch of FUCK THOSE FUCNING GUYS WHO PROTESTED AND NO I WILL NOT STOP TYPEING IN CAPS OF THE DAMN LIBRALS I WILL HAVE LEARN ARAB AND I"M PISSED and Damn lets kill all of the those funny looking people in Iraqi cause I know they have terrorist and if I didn’t get them first we will all die cause Sadom will kill us if all those fucking pacifist have there way. For the record that is the logic I read in far to many post When Harry Knowels the man who started the website dared to post this story. Several people were angered at him posting that on an “Entertainment” website. I personally I think he had the rite to go slightly off topic for one thread and express his belief that well Bush is must likely doing something that is well a little short sighted. Now if he was everyday posting pictures of anti war protest and quoting news stories and speeches that apposed the military action the president wants to take I could understand but posting one speech, I thing is reasonable.

I had to vent please if you can make it threw some of those post i would like to hear you opion on the what was said in those talkbacks.

PS I must admit that Harry could have found a better guy to quote Robert Byrd conidering his past, bust honestly Byrd had a good point

I find the AICN talkbacks kind of amusing, but woefully misinformed. It also doesn’t take much to get a political war going. Any slight comment which is remotely perceived as pro or con Bush immediatey results in a trainwreck of increasingly over-the top hyperbole. I don’t take the political talkbacks that seriously, ythey make me laugh, actually. I don’t have a problem with Harry dropping a little chum into the waters, it’s a little more interesting than yet another Alias talkback.

My head hurts. And something about pie and cat food, and stuff.

Could someone show me the part in the OP where the parody stops and the real post starts? I can’t find it.

Or, and you saw it coming, Cat Food Pie!

or something…

Coldfire your Moderator here has any thread at the Dope ever been as bad (ore worse) than that Talk Back at AICN

Maybe, maybe not - hard to tell. Unmoderated forums can be a pain in the ass alright. I prefer the moderated ones, for obvious reasons - clear guidelines, less idiocy.

No, my comment was fueled by your writing style. It’s kind of hard to process. I know, I’m a complete snob. But a fair warning of the friendly kind: you’ll make a better impact on these boards if you spend 30 seconds per post on punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

And although I just did, I’ll probably find a typo the minute I hit submit. :wink:

Other than a Limey checking in to say I misspelled “arse”, I think I did OK. :smiley:

You mean besides this one?

Or spend 30 seconds previewing to see if someone else has posted since you opened the thread, thus destroying the continuity of the comment you were posting…

God, yes. I hated that place. Haven’t posted there since July '00 - coincidentally, the same month I discovered this little oasis of sanity and erudition.

I admit do being a bad speller and constantly forget to type words i have in my head. Plus i am typo king. I do type my threads in word first to spare people from my horrid structure and spelling (I’ll be honest it doesn’t help much)

But i was pissed when i wrote it, which just makes god awful to read

sorry just go and delete this

Typo King. Sounds like a great name for a Goth Metal band. :smiley:

Don’t sweat it, Lear’s_fool, you’ll be OK.

no i want


ain’t it cool’s talk back forum is the bigest TROLL CAVE on the net

No kidding. Each time I scan the message boards at AICN (which isn’t often), I wonder how many of the posters there manage to type without opposable thumbs.

In other news:





I like to check Ain’t it cool news for the wacky heads up of upcoming movies, where else can you find that the Mortadelo and Filemon movie was just released in Spain?

As for the flames seen by the OP, I do wonder aloud if it just politics, several times I tell myself not to look at the talk back, and read just the reviews or articles, but many times I forget and then I check….

It doesn’t matter what news or movie the subject is about, before 2 posts are in, the trolls take over:

The following examples are made up, but they show how things are there:

If a re-release of Bambi happens:
Anonymous Asshole:

Whoa there! Lets check this other one on Citizen Kane:
MR 50% ass & 50% hole:

Yikes! And so on and so on….
Therefore the flames the OP is seeing are just the normal state of affairs there, with a shot of liquid oxygen in the mix for this occasion.

BTW: I am not condoning their behavior, of course they are indeed assholes for flaming him!

Your title makes absolutely no sense, and your post is incomprehensible.

Get lost, punk.

Slip, did someone put Extra Asshole in your bran muffin today? The guy’s a little rough around the edges, but he is generally comprehensible and at least not as randomly insultive as you are this evening.

Lear’s_fool is new and has probably never been in a place online where spelling and grammar are valued. What’s your excuse?

no i just such

I don’t think anyone reads the inside posts of AICN talkbacks, just the titles–that’s why they try to be so inventive (I use ‘try’ loosely).
I do enjoy when they accuse Harry et al of homosexual tendencies, because that’s how much of the reviewing sounds–very homo. I know it’s a running joke that fanboys need to get laid, but truth is stranger than fiction as they say.
I used to read Harry’s reviews a lot, but it gets boring with all the personal stuff (who cares how the popcorn was or how the ride to the theater went? who cares what childhood memory the movie brought up? screw all that crap. just get on with the movie, dammit!)