Intelligence-- Did anyone watch this?

My husband watched since he will watch any show with guns, spies and shoot outs between spies. My impression is that they took Jake 2.0 and Chuck (both shows I enjoyed) and removed any traces of humor. I was still trying to like it since it looks like it’ll be on every week what with all the spies and the guns and the shooting but when, 10 minutes before the show was supposed to end, StarSpy used his world-wide webbrain to figure out who the traitor was instead of doing that at the very beginning, well, that turned me right off.

Also, Marg is beginning to show her age, isn’t she?

I was not impressed. The pacing was off in places, like there were either several bad actors or one bad editor. Also, everyone (except for the guy who got kidnapped) seemed like at least sort of an asshole.

I think they were going for “edgy” and instead got “douchebag”.

Looks like nobody watched but us chickens, though.

lol. Oops! Missed it by THAT much!

I watched the first 10 or 15 minutes. I switched it off when I realized that it was just Chuck without the encumbrance of being entertaining or funny. Or rather, without being intentionally funny.

It’s on my DVR - but that is exactly the impression I got (and told simwife) during the promos for it.

I didn’t watch it but I saw the multiple commercials for it and thought that Josh Holloway looked very different than he did on Lost. And Marg Helgenberger gave up a role on CSI for this?

It was time for her to go on CSI, though.

I had trouble caring about what happened to anybody on Intelligence, and I am one who has to care to enjoy it.

I wanted to like it. But there were just too many embarrassing clichés in the first half-hour, followed by a whole mess of woo in the second. (His brain is filling in what the computer doesn’t know? OK, but how did his brain know the guy had an expression of recognition on his face?) And the last stunt was cool, until you start to wonder why the doc didn’t just aim the rifle himself.

I don’t think Helgenberger left CSI specifically for this. Didn’t she exit a couple of seasons ago?

I deleted it from the current listings and the series manager after about 15 minutes. Somebody let me know if it gets better and I’ll give it another chance later.

I’m watching it now - I like it. I think it has potential to be very interesting. I could be biased, though - I can spend a lot of time just watching Josh Holloway. :slight_smile:

Marg is still pretty hot, but the show is otherwise unwatchable.

It was kinda nice to see Rosalind Chao again, though.

I totally forgot about it. I was hoping it would be ‘Chuck but smarter’ since it seemed that Chuck got less agent-like as the series progressed and I finally gave up on that show in season 3. If this program is starting out stupid, then I won’t even bother.

I’m already having to overlook gross ignorance on Blacklist so I can see James Spader. I need to conserve my limited patience.

nothing to hook me with - we’ve seen it before (and better) - its the anti “almost human”.

No witty banter, stupid subplot setup, forgettable actors and performances - and a really dumb main plot and twist.

I finally got around to watching it last night: I never saw Jake 2.0 or Chuck, but I still wasn’t impressed with Intelligence. I checked it out basically just because of Josh Holloway, and he’s still pretty but his acting hasn’t improved much. I didn’t care about any of the characters, and the predictable sexual tension between him and his bodyguard before the end of the first episode made me yawn. I think I’m with Hockey Monkey: let me know if it gets better, but for now I’m giving up. There’s too much other stuff I want to watch right now.

I’m spoiling this just so somebody won’t scold me

My questions-

[spoiler]You just put a billion dollars into some guys head and consider him to be more important the the POTUS. You are his handler.
So you show him where his possibly enemy wife is and then tell him, “Don’t tell me where you’re going” ???

Didn’t they neutralize the bad guy hideout and capture the main bad guy? Wasn’t the traitor guy at the same hideout along with brain operation girl?
So why did the final shot show traitor guy just hanging out and brain girl waking up in the same place she was operated on?

It has a lot of bad points to it but I’ll stick with it for a few shows to see if it shakes off some of them after the pilot.

Marg doesn’t believe the hype cuz she may be hard-bitten but, deep inside, she has a heart. And if she were a hooker and not a leader of spies, it would be golden.

My take was it had nothing to do with intellect and was mostly fighting, explosions, and car chases. Won’t be watching it again.

Cliché city. Way too heavy handed. Not a single ounce of originality. Too serious and melodramatic.

I’ll give it a chance, but it’s on the back foot.

I’m afraid I have to agree with the rest of you. Was looking forward to seeing Marg again, but this is not what I was hoping for. Too serious and too cliched