Interesting 2005 Calendar Sites?

I’ve been searching through, like I do every year. Mulling over Japanese Scrolls for my Mom; and for myself, Art Fashion & Frivolities, Dynamite Dames or Hubble Space Telescope.

But I’m bored with their selection. The Mütter Museum no longer offers a calendar, dammit, and I can’t find any Holbein, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich or Hiroshigi calendars anywere. No “Lost New York” this year, either, or graveyards, or decent fashion plates from the 1910s or 1950s. Not even any Weimar-era smut!

Anyone have any pet calendar sites that offer unusual, outré selections?

Have you been to Borders? Not a Web site, I know, but that’s where I get my calendars, including the Hokusai print 2004 calendar hanging in my kitchen.

I had a great flamingos calendar about 10 years ago that I got from Miles Kimball (shut UP) – and haven’t seen since. If anyone knows where I can get one of those, I’d be grateful.

Also, Daedalus Books usually has some great ones more towards the end of the year – I’ve bought a half dozen from them (for myself and for gifts) each of the last few years.

Well, this site has many, many calendars available. Most are pure crap, but there may be a gem in there somewhere.

I just e-mailed to see if they have a 2005 calendar coming out.

Yay! Flamingos!

Or this, maybe:

I’ve pretty much exhausted Looking for something new and quirky. Oh, got back to me and said, “We’ll have calendars out in November, or whenever we get around to it . . .”

Spooky 0 We (i.e. the Britdopers on NADs) have just decided to put together a 2005 calendar of our own (see here for the thread on it). :eek:

I got the calendar last year and I’ve really enjoyed it. I have it up in my cube at work, and no one notices its slightly subversive qualities unless I point them out. The “Nepotism” month was particularly appropriate.


My apologies!

How’s this for a pet calendar?


You like cats, right? Here’s the AllPosters and lists of cat calendars:

You might like the Chat Noir one.

The Rat Calendar is a possibility . . . I don’t want something “cute,” I want something Strikingly Artistic, or Deeply Disturbing.

Is an Outhouse Calendar deeply disturbing enough?