Interesting choice of background

Is that a painting of Robert E Lee on the wall? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s a painting of Theodore Roosevelt, created by Tade Styka in 1909. It is part of the White House Collection and usually hangs in the Roosevelt Room (which is where this picture was taken).

So no, it’s not Robert E Lee.

Teddy Roosevelt.

Damn. I can’t even outrun an engineer.

I mean…try to find a picture or painting of Teddy Roosevelt without one hand on his hip.


Easiest to tell it wasn’t Lee by the horse. Lee was usually portrayed with horse “Traveller” who was light grey with a dark mane.

OK. You got me.

Same painting Frank Underwood had in his office

Spooky! I was watching Veep [Selena has just given her first spech as President] and read this and looked up and she is in what must be the Roosevelt Room with that painting or a reasonable facsimile in the background.

For me, it was that the scene was set on the prairies. Lee never made it that far west.

Man we almost had him.

I look just like that, except I don’t ride horses. Motorcycles are my thing. And my hair is longer, but with no mustache. And I’m taller and would be going the other way.

But that’s Totally Me!

Should we call you Tedopescado instead now?

Sheer terror on that horse’s face.

Okay, I can see now he’s wearing khaki brown instead of Confederate grey.

Did Roosevelt also have a favorite horse?

I wouldn’t feel bad— those are some wicked fast looking treads engineer_comp_geek is sporting :smirk:

Lee was on the Great Plains while stationed at Camp Cooper, Texas for a couple of years in the 1850s. He had also served in the Mexican War under Winfield Scott on the march from Veracruz to Mexico City - about as far west, but different topography.

An interesting site I found if you want to learn more (as I did).

The horse in the painting is Little Texas.

Roosevelt’s favorite horse was Bleinstein.

Third picture down without hand on hip. Best to have both hands on the reins when you’re jumping split rails.

Actually, you can’t even see his right hand in that picture. Maybe he’s doing it one-handed. Teddy was quite a man.