Interesting jobs in ROTK (some spoilers)

Watching ROTK, it made me think about all the somewhat obscure jobs some people had in Tolkien’s universe.

Some dopers were talking about being a signalman on some mountain peak. I thought it was pretty funny- I mean, on one hand, a lot of people might think “Who would be unfortunate to get stuck with that job?” but who knows, maybe it is an important position to the people of Gondor, like an honor.

Another interesting job was the guards who guarded the White Tree. Apparently this is an important position too- guarding a dead tree. Wow. I suppose it is definitely safe from pigeons and squirrels what with being guarded by a dozen or so guys in full plate mail.

I thought the Mumak riders were pretty scary looking. They all seemed to have this crazed, wide-eyed glare; like they were trying to stare the good guys to death. (who knows they were most likely trying to aim their mumak at them I guess). I know people tame elephants, and elephants were really used in wars, but mumaks are huge creatures- they looked as big as a four-story building! I guess the reason the riders looked so crazy is because those types of fellas are the only ones bonkers enough to convince a building-sized animal to let it ride on its back(imagines a Haradrim following each mumak with a very big shovel :stuck_out_tongue: )

How about the trolls? Besides smacking people with clubs, their main occupation seems to be pushing things, like the Black Gate of Mordor in TTT or the war towers in ROTK.

I don’t think being an orc would be all that much fun. You’re basically mind-controlled by Evil, and you have to wear crappy ugly clothes and you’d scare your own mother (if you had one) with your face. And the cuisine and medical care are decidedly substandard. (Except for the pizza the orcs at Dragoncon were eating in the elevator.)

Raking up the leaves in Rivendell would probably be a full time job, but at least you’d be out in the fresh air and sunshine.

Bartending at the Prancing Pony would enable you to meet interesting people passing through.

Training the fell beasts would probably not be a lot of fun, aside from the risk that one of 'em might take a playful nip at you and bite off an arm.

Tree-herding now, that’d be a job I think I could handle.

What is a Mumak? It sounds like you’re talking about Oliphaunts.

yeah, I believe the Haradrim call them ‘Mumaks’ and the hobbits are the ones that use the word Oiliphaunt.

And a “Haradrim”…?

Haradrim are Southrons, right? Or are they Easterlings?

People from Harad. Evil men.

Harad is to the south, so yes – they are the southrons. The Easterlings are from lands like Khand and others farther east.

How about Cirdan the Shipwright? His job seems to consist of hanging out at the Grey Havens to help other elves onto boats.

And then there’s Celeborn’s apparent job, which is “Galadriel’s Arm Candy”.

I volunteer to be elf bodice lacer and hair braider. And hobbit washer when they come in all dirty. And wizard staff polisher. snork

Yeah, cleaning out the Mumakil cages would truly suck.

I’d love to operate one of those trebuchets, though. Of course, they really did have those in medieval times, and there’s still a few around. One of these days I want my own trebuchet so I could toss pianos and stuff.

Apparently being an elf blacksmith is a rather cushy job. Elrond appears to have only picked up his hammer once in two thousand years, the first time to forge Isildur’s sword, and the second to put it back together again…

How about Lembas Baker? Would you ever get sick of the smell?

I hope you won’t mind a brief diversion from an amusing idea.

But medieval England used to have signal bonfires along the South Coast, to give the alarm of approaching enemies.

And there are a couple of chaps permanently on guard outside one of the Queen’s London residences. They stand in boxes, and occasionally march a few yards and back.
Tourists take pictures of them, and small children try to make them laugh.
Plus there are the Beefeaters, who wear a ceremonial costume and guard the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

I admit they are smaller than Mumaks, but the Queen also has the Household Cavalry. They ride out to escort her on ceremonial occasions (notably the Trooping of the Colour), wearing heavy bearskin helmets. Occasionally one faints on a hot day.

To be a stable-boy or poop-sweeper or whatever it’s called in Rohan would certainly be a full-time job.

There was probably also full-time employment for saddlers and blacksmiths and feed purveyors.

<< But medieval England used to have signal bonfires along the South Coast, to give the alarm of approaching enemies. >>

I think the joke here is that, in RotK, the signal fires are on the tip-top of mountains, which look inaccessible. How the heck do they change shifts, or even get food supplies up there?

Elrond did not forge Narsil, nor did any other Elf. It was forged by Telchar the Dwarf.


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And everybody noticed that yes, a wizard’s staff really DOES have a knob on the end???
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Somebody had to drag those huge-ass pieces of broken wall over to the trebuchets, so they could get flung onto the orcs. I imagine large teams of men with ropes and wooden rollers, cursing and swearing at Gandalf every step of the way :slight_smile: