International cricket rolling thread

Seems like a tempest in a teacup.

The old Khi v Lahore dispute again.

Very good recovery by the Indian women on the last day. Looked long odds on them saving the match, but by close it looked like they might have been the ones wishing it was a five day match.

As a Yankees fan, I certainly notice that Yankee hats are popular all over the world. But the preponderance of New Zealand fans wearing Yankee hats along with their NZ jerseys make me wonder if there is another reason why they are especially popular for them. Any reason?

Can’t say I’d ever noticed that to be honest. Maybe because NY is pretty close to NZ?

The final seems pretty close to me. At 115 behind with two wickets down I’m hoping for a quirky LRPL century tomorrow and a big first innings lead. Ashwin scares me though. I can’t see New Zealand chasing down anything much over a hundred runs with him bowling on the final day.

Yeah, I didn’t manage to follow it as closely as I would have liked but it was a proper contest. (And an advert for 5 day tests to boot)

What happens if its a tie?
Super Over?

Raining again today, and it doesn’t look like there’s going to be much play today.

If there’s no play today (which looks very likely), that leaves 2 days left to complete almost 3/4 of the match, and probably close to a zero chance of India winning, with NZ’s chances not all that much higher.

It looks like we’ll have 2 defending champions until the next WTC, which I hope is in a better location weather-wise.

That may well be the case but 180 overs are plenty of time to get a result on a wicket which has shown ample life. Extended periods sweating under the covers is not going to make it become more placid. Plus heavily overcast conditions are welcoming for the swing merchants. Boult and Southee revel in such conditions. If the Kiwis get 250 for a handy lead then knock the Indians over quickly in conditions more like the NZ South Island than Nagpur it’s still game on.

So with the weather looking good for the final day, and capacity for 98 overs, it seems it’s all up to Kohli on how aggressive he wants India to be (with a 32-run lead and 8 wickets in hand).

Since the WTC is unique, does the reward of winning it outweigh the higher chance of losing it by being too aggressive? IOW, is a draw worth sitting back and being patient, or should India bat aggressively to give their bowlers 40-50 overs to bowl NZ out at the end?

Kohli’s captaincy skills are two orders of magnitude below his batting.
A “sporting declaration” would be highly unlikely, and to be fair, given the amount of time taken out of the game, devalue the WTC championship if it effectively becomes an ODI.

But that would certainly be the correct tactic if this were the 4th match of a 4-test series, and India was down 2-1, right?

It would be what Kane Williams would do in the reversed position.
But he doesn’t have the expectations of 1.3billion people and his 5 million wouldn’t burn his house and/or effigy if a decision to declare and set a gettable target went pear-shaped.

What is the correct tactic can swing based on losing two quick wickets.
If India had lost their top four at the start of the day, I’d expect them to shut it down rather than dangle any realistic proposition of a Kiwi win.

India at 116 for 5 takes a declaration by India all but certainly off the table.
But India bowled out for a 150 lead actually opens up the chance of them winning.

Yet again, Kohli comes up small in an important spot. This guy Jamieson is a stone cold killer. But so is Pant, so next session should be interesting. Unfortunately I will have to miss it, as I scheduled a bunch of meetings today, because I assumed (on Monday) that today would just be a slow crawl to a draw. SMH

Game on now.
After a fit of madness by Pant the wickets start to tumble and only the long Indian tail remains.
156-8 with lead of 124.

170 all out. 139 needed to win. Game, as they say, on.

(Aren’t reserve days great, btw).

Wow, didn’t expect India to fold that quickly! I’m not watching so can’t tell if it’s due to the condition of the pitch, or a complete choke job.

Nothing to do with the pitch.
Not a choke either IMHO.

Good bowling and fielding removed the top order cheaply.
Pant went out agriculturally swinging, probably lucky to get as many as he did.
You wouldn’t back the Indian tail to bat 10 overs or score 25 for the last four wickets.

Go the Kiwis!