International cricket rolling thread

Congrats to @lisiate.
NZ finally come good.
What a side.

Thanks. It was a great thing to wake up to. I really like that it was Williamson and Taylor getting the final runs. Those two have been the backbone of the batting order for nearly a decade.

This Jamesion dude is legit the scariest seamer I have seen for a while. Keep him fit and you guys have a decade at the top.

He is great isn’t he? Hopefully he doesn’t break.

Jarrod Kimber has just done a good video on him on youtube. Actually he’s pretty much been covering New Zealand all month.

England squad members test positive, entire team replaced for the Pakistan series.

Was Hales in the original isolating squad, or otherwise injured? If he is available and can’t get into this squad, he never will

In answer to my own question, Hales is available but just hasn’t been picked. Hard to see a road back for him now.

England’s B team have made Pakistan look poor in the first two games of the 3 match series, with the last game on Tuesday at Edgbaston.

Brilliant catch by Harleen Deol !!

No biggie, Pakistans top order could be replaced by a bunch of blind old ladies and it would be an upgrade.

Pakistan got 320 against South Africa recently, and won that series 2-1 (and got over 320 in their losing game too), so they’ve clearly got batsmen who can play.

Final ODI tomorrow. Pakistan’s batting hasn’t fired in these two games at all - I was looking forward to watching Babar Azham again, but he hasn’t been in form in ODI at all (in his last 4, he’s scored 19 runs) so he’ll be wanting to get back into games.


Babar got runs, and put the England reserves under pressure, but they came through and chased 330.

T20 starts tomorrow, and the squad are back.

OK chaps … a mild diversion.

Following on from the spirit and intentions of the The Great Summer 2021 Doper Postcard Exchange! thread, I had an idea. Bear with me.

This thread, originally started by @Teuton has been quietly ticking over now for two and a half years with 1,372 posts and counting and precisely naught, nihil, nix and none by a SD moderator with or without their hat on, showing that the collective we can be welcoming, even handed and play hardball according to the spirit and rules of the game. It’s also given me much pleasure and perspectives on a game that I have played, coached, scored, umpired, administered and frankly adore.

Anyhow, back to the postcard exchange idea.
The listing below is of all the posters who have contributed to this thread, lead in volume terms if nothing else by the redoubtable @Cumbrian.

So, if you would like to send me a PM with your postal address, I’ll send you a postcard.
With Sydney in the midst of a COVID-19 lockdown, it will make for me a pleasant diversion.
If you want to turn it into a broader exchange with other members of the ICRT, let me know and I’ll be happy to organise.

Discourse only allows 10 users to be mentioned per post so this is tranche #1


This is tranche #2











and this is tranche #3











Kind regards

That’s a really lovely idea.

In “decidedly not international cricket” news, the 12 year-old was (rightly) unhappy with his bowling so we decided that a) we’d watch some videos on basic technique and b) I’d then video him from the batter’s end so he could see what he was doing wrong.

We’ve got a natural home wicket, in that the garden at the back is raised and between the rear wall of the house and the retaining wall of the garden is a c.20yd by 3ft alley, leading to the person-sized door to the garage. So you’ve got a nice straight channel to focus down, and the door a) stops the accurate deliveries and b) has three stumps chalked on it.

Anyhow, the upshot is I now have a lovely little video from the batter’s perspective of son bowling some absolute leg-side filth, which goes out of shot behind the garage wall just before you hear the shattering noise of a favourite flowerpot. Absolutely classic instance of that wonderful childhood moment when the ball’s in the air and you know where it’s headed, you just can’t do anything to stop it.

Um, what’s a postcard? Just kidding! I don’t think I’ve sent or received a postcard in over 20 years.