Internet ban

How does someone know if they are banned from the internet?

you’re online now. the internet does not ban you, you ban* it*.

…in Soviet Russia?

the question itself. the op is online asking if he’s banned from the internet.

headshake here, if he’s banned from the net how can he post the q and expect a straight a?

You only get banned if you have a banned name.

Seriously, the OP should look up how the net works. That should answer his question.

Good gods, what did you do?

Band name!

well, someone had to say it

Presumably the judge would make it fairly clear to you at your bail or sentencing hearing.

It’s quite possible to be banned from the internet.

For example, a judge may ban you. If a judge bans you, in most cases he will make you stand in front of the courtroom and tell you that you are banned and ask you if you understand what he said. In some more rare cases, a sheriff’s deputy may deliver an order to you or your attorney. If you are not sure, discuss it with your attorney or your parents.

But more likely, it is your parents who banned you from the internet. This usually happens if you get into trouble, disobey house rules, or you get bad grades in school. If you are not sure whether you are banned, you should discuss it with your parents.

ETA: Like what MEBuckner said.

You get an email notification.

First, go to Then take your result and put it into If the location is “Coventry,” you’ve been banned from the Internet.

You definitely want to print that out for your records.

I don’t get the OP. I shouldn’t reply, but how can anyone be internet banned?

You have Starbucks, Smartphones, all work.

The internet can’t ban you, although as mentioned above you could be legally ordered not to use it.

Read the fine print on the Interpol Virus, it explains how much money to send to pay the fine and restore your internet access.

The first clue is when law enforcement comes into your home and takes all your internet capable devices, all your paper files, you and maybe the kitchen sink. The second clue is when you are released from jail, the judge tells you right to your face that if you even think about logging onto the internet again, he’ll see to it you spend the rest of your natural life in prison.

My only question is just how much malware have you been distributing?

It’s also possible to be banned from one particular small piece of the Internet. If, for instance, you were to violate the rules of this message board, then the moderators of the board could ban you, and you would no longer be able to make posts here. They’d probably notify you of this via e-mail, and if you tried to make a post anyway, the board software would tell you that you couldn’t because you were banned. However, if that happened, it would only affect this message board: You could still do anything on any other site on the Internet (unless, of course, those sites were to ban you, too).

Of course, even being banned from the SDMB doesn’t mean you can’t read the board.

OP, is this you?

A guy I grew up with is serving 15 years in prison for child pornography and child molestation. As part of his sentence he is prohibited from having any access to computers or the internet.