Internet Bookmarks

Care to share some of your favorites? I’m always looking for something to hold my attention.

Some of mine:

[ul] : For all your search engine needs : Movies and stuff : Self explanatory, I think. :slight_smile: : CIA Factbook. Really interesting site with maps and statistics of all the world’s countries. : An extensive list of Alternative History novels and short stories : Comic site with brief bios on most Marvel superheroes. : Daystrom Institute of Trek Technology. Really great site for the Trekkie in all of us.[/ul]

I used to have so many more but I’ve lost them. :frowning: Help me find more sites to pass the time with!

Here you go: : All around astronomy site with a focus on debunking bogus astronomy that wound its way into pop culture. Great read. : It’s the news, but not really. : Astronomy Picture of the Day. Enough said. : Models of the Earth in past time periods and projections of future continent positions. Very interesting. : 3D Pong! : Badly translated Lord of the Rings captions lead to hilarious results! : A short little game in which you are a guy and can fly. : Detailed explanations on every possible way the world could end.

They’re all… um. dirty…

I have to keep up on the continuing adventures…

The secong pong is the funniest animation i’ve ever seen.


Just keep poking that bunny, see what happens.

Aside from numerous lyrics sites, band sites, and threads from various message boards, here are some of the more interesting sites. I almost never visit any of these sites, but if I deleted them, I would probably then want to visit them.
Industrious Clock Someone linked that here a while ago.

Fun With Words I don’t know why this is in my favorites.

An American’s Guide to Canada Again, someone linked that here before.

Sexy Tree Yet another SDMB Link

Panty Quilt A friend of the Zappa family wanted to make a quilt out of unwashed female underwear, so she had Frank Zappa collect them at concerts.

Traffic Cone Liberation Society

Traffic Cone Preservation Society

Forgotten Ohio This is the only interesting site I’ve bookmarked that I visit regularly. It’s about haunted and abandoned places in Ohio.

The Traffic Cone Liberation Society link will not work. I think the site is no longer there.