Internet Connection Speed Survey

In troubleshooting an extremely slow connection over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed a couple of oddities. First, although I’m in L.A., the geographic location of my IP address is now Ventura, over fifty miles away. I’m certain that, in the past, my IP address has shown up as somewhere in Los Angeles or Culver City, or possibly Santa Monica. Before I call my ISP, I thought I’d canvass the community here for some background data.

Stranger still is what I find when I use the Speedtest tool to test my connection speed. This service tests your download and upload speeds, which in my case are running at perhaps half the normal rates, or worse. To do this, their site chooses a server, presumably one close to you, and then runs the ping, upload, and download tests. (BTW the ping test takes about twice as long as normal, too.) Today, though, I’m noticing that the servers chosen are all at least 100 miles away; the last time I ran the test, a half-hour ago, it used a server in Tijuana.

So, in the poll I’m seeking responses as to your region, state/province, or city, your ISP, the geographical distance to your IP address, and whether you’ve experienced recent degradation of service.

This is a multiple-response poll, so please check as many responses as applicable.
ETA: When you use the link just scroll down a page or two and you should see your IP address and location in the left margin.

I’m not sure what any of this actually means.
My speed test result (I already knew this) is Livonia, Michigan - about 70 miles from where I live.
The IP adress link is closer but still about 20 miles from where I live.
I have AT & T dsl service. It’s neither better nor worse than it was a year ago.

The truth is, I’m not sure what most of this means either, but that’s what I’m trying to get a handle on. Of course I know what the numeric results from Speedtest mean, and in my case they are discouraging. In any case, thanks for your input.

I have AT&T, the lowest DSL. My ISP address is in a town about 10 miles away. On the speed test ping it said Atlanta, (about 50 miles away) but the green dot on the map looked closer to the TN state line. The number in the upper left corner next to “ms” was 70. My service is approximately as crappy as usual.

Edit: Did you add the stuff about L.A. or did I totally miss answering it?

San Diego.
Cox cable internet.

IP and Speedtest locations are both within 5 miles of my house, and i get about 25Mbps down and 5 up, which is about right.

You didn’t miss it; I added it.

I have the same setup that you have, and while it’s usually not as bad as it is for me now, it’s never been great.

WOW (WideOpenWest) Internet. My IP shows up as being right here in my city. Speedtest selected a server in Cincinnati, about 120 miles away. Haven’t noticed any particular connection issues in the past few days.

I don’t have A T & T. My IP shows as ~ 10 miles away, and speedtest says ~50 miles away. I have noticed speed problems, specifically page loading, over the past few days too, and wondered if it was browser (I9) update issue.

I have Time Warner, I live in Temple, TX, my IP address is around 40 miles away, and the speed test location is also in Temple. I also apparently get a download speed that’s like 4 times what I’m paying for and while I’ve never needed it it’s making me strangely happy.

Well, I’m about 10,000 miles from LA.

Spectre, I’m not sure such a test is really all that useful. If I use my laptop, it returns a speed of about 4 Mbps. If I use the desktop, it returns about 10 Mbps. They are wireless through the same modem. (I’m sure Drach or someone can explain why).