Internet Explorer 5.5 security stupidity. Help wanted.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting an idiot message when I try to use the “back” button after about 10 minutes. I’m getting the following stupid message:

But it’s stuff like search results on the Unaboard/SDMB or the text for a post I’ve made. I don’t want to rerun the damn search or repost the info, just see what I typed in the form/text box .

Up until a couple of weeks ago I had no problem doing this. Suddenly though, I’m getting the stupid error message above.

This has to be some idiotic “security” setting, but for the life o’ me, I can’t find it.

Any help?


I could be wrong here, but I don’t think that is coming from your end. Please post a correction if I am mistaken, but I believe that error refers to the fact that the page you just left was dynamically created, and when you try and reload it the site is not being found.

I vote with Bongmaster on this one; these aren’t static pages that can be reloaded. They’re created on the fly, in response to information you’ve provided, so if you want to see them again, you’ve got to resupply the info and let the site recreate the page for you.

Yes, but…lately sometimes when the page comes back, the stuff is there, and sometimes it isn’t. It used to always be there–you could hit the Back button and your reply text would still be there, or your search results.

But lately it’s gotten erratic (although not so often on the Unaboard, because it rarely hangs), when it hangs on both Search and Preview Reply, when it comes back, sometimes it’ll have the search results or text there, and sometimes it won’t–sometimes it’ll have that annoying little “Warning!” page.

So my theory is that it’s the server–sometimes it can remember what you typed, and sometimes it can’t.

You could try changing when your browser checks for updated pages. I can’t find the link, but one of ebay’s help pages recommended trying this if you lose all your auction information when you hit the Back button.

It’s in Tools|Internet Options|Settings in IE5 and higher. Mine’s set to Every time you start Internet Explorer and I haven’t had any problems.

Yeah, but I used to have mine set like that and it took forever to get IE started, because it had to go and look for all those pages every time. After I changed it to “just when opening that page”, it speeded up quite a bit.

And now I can’t find it again. It’s not in Tools, Internet Options, Settings–there is no Settings in Internet Options. It’s got General, Security, Content, Connection, Programs, Advanced.

So where is it?

Look in the General Tab of the Internet Explorer Options at the midpoint and Settings is there under Temp. Interenet Files. That what Number is referring to, at least I think so.

The browser will only give you that message when the page is the result of POST data (which you won’t see), not GET data, which you will see in the URL (as in the url for this thread: …showthread.php?s=blahblah).

That may help you figure it out.

It’s a button in the middle of the General page, under Temporary Internet Files.