Internet Meetings...

I am going to meet this girl on Sunday that I meet here online. I have a good feeling about it and unless something goes horribly wrong I don’t really foresee any majors problems occurring between us. In other words I am pretty confident about meeting this girl. For those of you who don’t know (which is most of yall) that is rather odd for me. Whenever I am put into a situation like or one that is similar I usually handle it pretty well, but up until the point of actually meeting I often kinda apprehensive. This time I am no where near the level of apprehensiveness that I usually am. Why is this? Can any of you tell me why I am actually confident about meeting this girl?



No, but you can.

Internet relationships are the easiest of all to do. Be sure to meet in a public place.

I’ll move this over to MPSIMS, where many of our members have had similar meetings and may be able to lend some insight.