Internet page loading problem, Mac.

When I go to this page the page quits loading at the point I hope shows in the link. It gets to where it says “page 1 of 17”, but it doesn’t show any pages. The lights on my DSL modem quit blinking and the E globe quits spinning, as though it was done. Other people I’ve asked tell me the pages load for them, if quite slowly.
I’m using iMac G5, OSX, earthlink browser, and IE ISP.
Is it my stuff, or the site? Other sites work fine, AFAICS.

You’re using an out-of-date browser. Try it in Safari.

Internet Explorer hasn’t been updated on the Mac in ages. Microsoft discontinued it awhile back.

Oh, and the page you linked to loads normally in Shiira (a Safari variant).

I got my new iMac a couple months ago. I knew I should move to Safari, but didn’t. I use maybe 10% of what this thing can do. My own :rolleyes:
Works good, Live and learn, eh?
Sorry to trouble you folks, but thanks a million. Now I got some keyboarding to do.