Internet Romances

lol Pooch thank you. I do like to believe that him and I are a match made someplace… heaven or hell lol. but maybe I will change my handle :slight_smile: never know

<mushy nauseating sentiment>

Baby, I don’t want you to change anything!
You’re absolutely perfect the way you are!

</mushy nauseating sentiment>

It left out the obvious…

[mushy nauseating sentiment]
[/mushy nauseating sentiment]

Ah well…

I just read heatherlee’s post in the “What to do with a dead body” thread. I just have to say that she sounds like a perfect match for Satan :smiley:

I don’t have any problems with internet romances - it’s probably about the same risk as meeting someone through a classified ad. If it ever happens to me, I won’t get serious until I see them in person a couple of times; but I won’t discount the relationship just because of where I met someone.

BTW, anyone interested?

Oops, make that any MEN interested…

I met my husband on the internet, years ago. I think the reason it worked for us, is because we were honest about everything, and there were no surprises when we met in person. That, combined with the fact that the internet lends itself to deeper conversations is what made it happen for us. We got years of dating out of the way with the endless, and I mean endless hours of talking.


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Damn Zyada, I was gonna hit you up! But since you’re so narrow minded… all I can say is, “Bummer!”

The sweetest flower you cannot pick,
Satan going mushy makes me sick,
Be still my heart,
hope I don’t fart,
Pulling this off is still a neat trick!

Yeah, lame but I’m pressed for time. Anyway, Satan and Heather you won’t believe this but my sister is named Heather and this is a limerick I wrote for her about 13 years ago:

There once was a girl named Heather
Who wanted to be light as a feather
she ate only beans
for she wanted small jeans
But somehow she got into leather!

Hope it works for you!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

well I guess you could say satan and I are the perfect match…we are both demented enough to love on another lol…but honestly…I would never change my Dear Satan…and if I did it would only to be to love you more…(what did you say about the mushy crap…puke?? lol)

zyada BTW…why dont ya send my dear friend an e-mail he is single and the biggest sweetheart :slight_smile:
His screen name is cygnusxb2 on AOL

I believe I need to clarify my position. I gave a generalized statement in the Cheated on my Wife thread that isn’t a fully accurate statement; obviously, there are many successful internet romances out there. My boyfriend and I met in college, were friends in college, but frankly fell in love online. I was speaking more of Ferrous’ sitation, as another has already mentioned in this thread–fantasy seems more likely there simply due to his circumstance.

Regardless, I have to say I have a huge, huge, HUGE beef with the random, rude, and recently pushy men who IM me at random with some sexual offer. It’s one thing if I’m in a chat room; being IMed is pretty much expected (I see that as the equivalent of walking in a bar–you can expect interaction, and to get hit on). But, when I’m online doing research, minding my own business, and some punk pulls up my profile (and apparently doesn’t read it very well) and tries to hit on me…well, I’ve stopped being nice.

I’ve eliminated my age and specific location from my profile, and I even put “I don’t cyber. Give up now.” by my name. For marital status, I wrote “Taken.” For hobbies, I included mocking horny IMers (which may be an invitation in and of itself–may have to take it off). That just made them more aggressive than ever. When I tell them I’m not interested, they get insulting; when I get insulting, they say they’re rejecting me and boy, what I’m missing out on! …I’ve kept the most bewildering (and amusing) IMs if anyone is interested. Heck, I may copy and paste them here. They’re incredible.

These are the guys that I want to take straight to the BBQ Pit (I’m serious, I’m cheesed off enough by some of these guys that I want to start a thread about moron IMers there). I have no mercy for them, however counter it may be to my Christian ideals. I tell them they are pathetic losers who have resorted to the internet for obvious reasons–because in those cases, they are.

P.S. Oh. My. God. I just got a random horny IM. What the hell is with the timing of that? Here’s the cut and paste (names changed for his stupid sake):
***: hello
***: how are you doin tonight?
Lrconaway: Uninterested.

PPS. Okay, that guy was cool. I apologized for my blunt rudeness, and he was not a horny little freak like the others I’ve encountered (although he was flirting). He took it all in stride. His timing just couldn’t have been worse.

ohhh. Where can I sign up for the zyada Dating Game?



I guess all you have to be is male. Go for it!

The moon looks on many flowers, the flowers on but one moon.

I have no problems with Internet dating either. I’ve met two of my best friends over the Internet, and dated one for about a year before the distance got to him. sigh

So I’ll get behind zyada in line - any men interested? (I know, byz - I’m so narrow-minded…) :wink:

Hmm, it looks like its time to set up the “Straight Dope Love Connection”.

sigh… Where is Chuck Woolery when you really need him?


I do agree with the way some men are on line. altho I do have fun with it cause I mess with them badly. after that they never mess with me again. I guess you just need to know how to handle things like that. Not saying some of you people dont, but there are some out there that freak out if someone says something they feel is degrading. me on the other hand I have a web page that basically people feel I hold out my hand for them to IM me and ask to have sex or whatever. hell I have had people IM me before and ask me if they could meet with me THAT night to have sex, after sending me a full nude of themselves. I usually get a good laugh out of it, and then rip on them. lol if I could only see thier faces when I ask them why their dick is so small. oh well. so I guess by being on the net you have to take the bad with the good. men wanna Im you ladies and act like pigs? let them. it can be fun. you feel they are degrading you? well degrade them back :slight_smile:

Byz - well, I just can’t help it, I’m a flaming heterosexual. Of course, if you have a hairy chest and a mustache, I might reconsider!

heatherlee - ROFL!

When you meet someone in a bar, it’s not easy for them to lie about how they look.

Looks seem to be the big thing people on the net are lying about, that & age.

Those are things that you kinda can see if you meet someone in person first.

Okay, gang…here is a recent random IM conversation I had with a dork who just wouldn’t take no for an answer (and also had to have the last word). It’s a bit lengthy, but amusing. And dangit, to be courteous, I left out most of the loser’s s/n. But if anyone wants to harass him for me… :wink:

GQ***: Hi, there
Lrconaway: LOL! “GQ***”?!
GQ***: yup, that’s me
Lrconaway: well, I’m glad you think so highly of your looks
GQ***: thank you
GQr: what does your screen name mean ?
Lrconaway: nothing so clever as yours, oh GQ one
: oh, well good try then
Lrconaway: No, I’m afraid I never could match your brilliant wit (and spelling)
GQ***: no one can’t, it’s ok though
Lrconaway: Now I must ask–my profile says 1) I’m taken
GQ***: oh
GQ***: is it serious ?
Lrconaway: 2) I like to mock the horny teenaged (if only mentally) boys that IM me
GQ***: who says i’m a boy ?
Lrconaway: yes, it’s serious…did you read my profile?
Lrconaway: Let me just call it instinct
GQ***: you got a bad instinct
Lrconaway: Yeah. Sure.
GQ***: You know you are horny
Lrconaway: No, now see, that’s where you’ve confused me with you.
GQ***: no, you are
Lrconaway: Why do you persist with me? You have zero chance, Turbo. ZERO.
GQ***: Are you sure
Lrconaway: Go find someone who’s actually interested in playing this ludicrous game. I’m not it.
Lrconaway: How many different ways do I need to tell you?
Lrconaway: It’s called REJECTION.
Lrconaway: Shoo. Go away. You bother me.
GQ***: what does that mean ?
GQ***: ok, but you were bothering me
Lrconaway: LOL!
GQ***: you are missing out
Lrconaway: ROFL!!!
GQ***: you want me
Lrconaway: No, just your penis.
GQ***: i knew it
Lrconaway: Severed and stored in a jar of formaldehyde in my pantry.
GQ***: you want me that bad
Lrconaway: Naw. But I would need to buy another baby food jar to store it in.
Lrconaway: Now, how thick are you?
GQ***: no, but i don’t think you have a big enough pantry
Lrconaway: And I mean intellectually, Pee Wee
Lrconaway: It’s most apparent you’re not the brightest bulb in the box.
GQ***: don’t you mean Moby Dick
Lrconaway: Is this why you resort to online services to try to get any?
GQ***: nope
GQ***: and you ?
Lrconaway: Are you so lame that you can’t go out into the real world and meet a real woman?
GQ***: i did
Lrconaway: Not only do you have no idea what I look like, you have no idea what I think like
GQ***: and you ?
Lrconaway: You have resorted to fantasy and images that you mostly create. I am part of reality.
GQ***: well i got to go now, bye
GQ***: don’t miss me
Lrconaway: Go on. No, I don’t think I will. Hope life gets better for you, Sparky.
GQ***: Ditto

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If the name is really GQMod, then we know what Nick does in his spare time…