Stupid, stupid Poetgrrl :(

I am aware of the risks of meeting people on the Internet. In fact, for quite a long time I didn’t take ‘online’ relationships very seriously- I know some people do meet/fall in love (I know there are quite a few couples that met on the SDMB). But I figured the risks would outweigh the benefits. And I’ve been given the runaround so much in real life that I feel that liking someone online is only an easier way to be manipulated.

A few months back I met a guy on another messageboard. At first we really didn’t get along- but then at one point he decided to kind of get past that little feud we had when we didn’t know each other and actually talk on AIM instead of trade insults on a messageboard.

And the more I talked to him, the more I liked him, until I really felt like I was in love with this person. But he has a boyfriend lives 3,000 miles away, etc, etc, and every day I can’t help but feel like kind of a dummy for getting head-over-heels for someone I still don’t know that well, who is already in a relationship. :frowning:

If I’m correct in assuming you’re female…

Wouldn’t a relationship with a boy who has a boyfriend be hard even if he lived next door??

I do know how you feel, though. I had an internet buddy much like this throughout college. I have no words of wisdom except support.

Well, it sucks that he lives far away because in the rare event that he breaks up with his girlfriend and I have some sort of ‘opportunity’, he’s still 3,000 miles away from me :frowning:

I always seem to fall for people that are unattainable. I don’t know why, but most of the people I’ve been in love with either don’t love me back, are already attached, are putting on an act, move away, etc.

3000 miles isn’t insurmountable. It’s not like we have to cross the country in covered wagons anymore. :slight_smile:
If I were you, I would tell him how I feel just in case he ever finds himself developing deeper feelings for you as well. I think it’s far better to try and have nothing come of it than to wonder what might have happened. I’ve keep two friendships going for years after a revelation of unrequited love (one in which I was in love and one in which I was the recipient of the love), so I don’t think it needs to “ruin the friendship”…but if it does work out, hey, that’s worth the risk.

I’ve met two men online in real life and both were absolute disasters. I let myself develop feelings for who and what I thought they were like. I kind of created these fictional characters.

So I’d have to say don’t get too excited until you meet them in person. If that works out, you can at least make intelligent, informed decisions from there.

I think you’ll find that the SDMB couple not only meet here online, they also meet in person at Dopefests. So, unless I’m mistaken (not an unforeseen possiblity, mind you) there have been few purely online SDMB relationships that worked out.

If it’s any consolation, I met my husband online, and he STILL lives 8000 miles away.

Well actually, he just moved to Egypt, so now it’s only 4,000 miles away. (It’s progress!)

In any event, it’s not easy - but it can be done - we’ve been together 2 years now, and married for one :slight_smile:

So distance wise, anything is possible :slight_smile: