Interview With The Red Shirts (Star Trek parody)

A few years ago my friend Jeff made a short (14 minute) film on super-8 called Interview With The Red Shirts. It’s a Cops-style parody of Star Trek which features interviews with the guys who always get killed.

Jeff appeared on-screen in another friend’s productions (Cut Up, Night for Nixie). Roy ‘Rusty’ Jackson appears in Interview and was also in Cut Up, Night for Nixie and Zombie! vs. Mardi Gras.

IIRC a few months after Interview was released there was a similar film that was aired on Comedy Central or SciFi or someplace. ISTR being a little miffed that someone seems to have ripped off Jeff’s idea. It’s been a couple of years, but I think what happened was that Jeff submitted his film for consideration someplace, and the other film ‘magically appeared’ months later.

Anyway, Interview With The Red Shirts is a fun, cheap little film. Some of the acting could have been a little better, and some of the audio is a little low. But the super-8 medium transfers well to video in my opinion. It’s a funny idea, and I got some laughs out of it.

Favourite line (edited for spoiler): ‘It was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.’

Reminds me of a (very) short story I wrote way back in college, entitled “My Life As A Starfleet Security Officer.” It goes like this:

“Well, it all began when I … AAAAAAGGHH!!!”

163 views, and only one person watched it? :confused:

Yes, it’s a funny idea. But 14 minutes? It like the current SNL skits that just go on too long. The premise was good, the execution was (imhTo) lame-ish. Sorry. ymmv