Intl. Talk Like a Pirate Day, Sept. 19

Yarr, wait for it, me hearties…

Arrrrr, it be drivin’ me nuts!

I completely forgot! I wonder if I can arrange a party by tomorrow.

Yar, 'twas the first day I 'ad me 'ook!

Arrrrrghh Matey!

I really don’t see why we must limit ourselves to speaking like a pirate.

Why can’t we also act like pirates and make sneaky hacking attacks on one anothers’ computers and steal their treasures and otherwise inflict much pain and mayhem and catastrophes upon them. we could reveal their secret affairs to their loved ones and arrange to have them ostracized by all they know. It would be no less than what they deserve. Arrrggg!

And just what would be so wrong wit’ dat? From what I can tell, most of these poopey-heads definitely deserve to suffer a great deal of murder and mayhem in their lives. Don’t 'cha think?

Offhand, I can think of several stinkers here who deserve a maximum amount of murder and mayhem and I would truly love to participate with others in taking over a barge and sneaking up on them and then taking over their homes and computers and raping all their family members and forcing them to swear fealty to us.

If any of ye rogues be interested, just grab a messenger and beat them and rape them and force them to carry a message to me and we will meet and arrange for some of these poopey heads to meet their demise. After all, that is how we pirates do stuff. Isn’t it?


What? You don’t think that “poopey heads” is a true pirate expression? Ye must be mad, mateys!

Argh! I twas goin ter post a similarrrr thread, but ye beat me to it!

I’ll just be leavin these little ditties here

Yarr, so the day’s at hand, ye scurvy dogs! Get back to work or I’ll keelhaul the lot of ye!

Yarr! Today be International Talk Like Arr Pirate Day! So, me hearties, anybody be getting themselves some booty lately?

Arrrr, it be done already, matey. Over this headin’ it be.

Oops, didn’t think to be looking in Cafe Society. If someone could merge the threads, I’d be much obliged.

How would a modern pirate talk? Hey… you looking for a copy of Micosof Ofice 2012? How about the latest Batnam DVD?

Is that what piracy means these days? Not to me. Now loose the fore t’gallant then relieve the helm and steer full and by.

Yarr I be changin’ me facebook page to English-pirate for th’day!

Ye can still find piracy on the high seas today, ye swabbies:

Well, shiver me timbers!

“The gentleness of all the gods go with thee!
I have many enemies in Orsino’s court,
Else would I very shortly see thee there.
But, come what may, I do adore thee so,
That danger shall seem sport, and I will go.”

Merged duplicate threads and placed result in MPSIMS, me hearties!

AAAAAAAAAAR me mateys! Do that be a hornpipe in yer pants or are ye just glad to see me!

Hey cool! And today’s my bARRRRRthday.

Okay, that was bad. I admit it.

So that be why I woke with this little ditty in me head. Sing along now:

Wha’ shall we do with the drunken sa’lor?
Wha’ shall we do with the drunken sa’lor?
Wha’ shall we do with the drunken sa’lor
Erlay in the mornin’?

I need to seek me (non-pirated) copy of the 1987 game “The Ancient Art of War at Sea” to take on Blackbeard. Be sure to keep him at range though, he be deadly when grappling.

Aye, Blackbeard was a pirate after me own heart, and no mistakin’.