Introversion / extroversion and attraction preference

Yeah, I know nothing is as black and white as “you’re either an introvert or an extrovert”. There are shades of gray, and we behave differently in different situations. But if you had to average it out.

Which way do you lean and where do your romantic partners (or potential partners) rate relative to you?

I’m slightly more introverted than extroverted and my husband is very introverted, but I wouldn’t say that my attraction is limited to introverts, it’s more that the person I fell in love with happened to be an introvert.

Most of the guys I date have been more extroverted than me, but not in a crazy outgoing kind of way. For some reason I end up dating guys that are popular with other guys - not the loudest in a group, but the funny, sociable guy that drinks a lot but is at the same time considered reliable and just generally “a really good guy.” The guy that everyone wants to invite out and have a pint with.

I get along with most people but I don’t really make much of an active effort to be sociable unless I really like the person. My boyfriend is very good at talking to strangers.

I’ve actually thought about this before, and the answer is a bit more complex than any of the options you’ve given.

I have an extroverted shell (that lately has been tempered with shyness), but, I’m really introverted in that I prefer to spend more me time. I’m gonna be fairly talkative when I first meet you, then a bit shy, and then I’ll finally warm up to you.

The type of women that I find the most attractive) are introverted but warm up quickly. Generally, they’re a bit socially awkward, but once they really don’t care, they open up. With shier people, I usually wind up getting bored after a while. With true extroverts, I usually wind up feeling overwhelmed.

I guess if you’d had a middle option, I’d’ve taken that, with my attraction being to people at a similar level.

To sum it all up, I’d pick I’m in the middle, and I like women about in the middle, too.

I’m mostly introverted, but looking back at those I am / have been attracted to, I don’t see a pattern of any particular level of intro/extroversion in them – they’ve been all over the scale.

Not voting, as none of your options (not even the last one) fit at all.

A couple of years ago I realized something that every guy I’ve ever been attracted to had in common: they have all been more extroverted than I am. Every single one, all the way back to middle school.

Extroverted Introvert here-many years ago I’d probably answer “more introverted than me”, but, as a post in the “funniest moment” thread yesterday demonstrated, it’s hard to have a relationship with someone who runs away and blushes when they see you.

Introvert and I have rarely been attracted even on the most base of levels to somone more extroverted than me.