Invasion of the Penis Snatchers

From scenic West Africa:

“Follow that penis-snatcher!”

Who knew King Missile was singing about a genuine crisis?

He he he, Ha ha ha…

I like the line “made their genitals shrink”
Some guys I knew in high school could sure use that story.

“Naw, baby, there was this sorcerer…”

“… but you can fix it, all you have to do is kiss it better.”

I have your penises, I’ll give them back if you give me all your wimmen!!

All your penis belong to us.

Someone had to do it! :smiley:

Apparently there was an epidemic of penis-snatching in medieval Europe as well. The witch-hunting manual Malleus Maleficarum considers, among other interesting questions, “Whether Witches may work some Presdigitatory Illusion so that the Male Organ appears to be entirely removed and separate from the Body.” Comfortingly, it appears that this was often the victim’s own fault:

For some reason that “those to whom such things most commonly happen” always cracks me up – were there really so many cases they could generalize? :eek:

“I can fix it, but it’s gotta’ go back to the shop.”

Your HMO doesn’t cover this…

“Penis-Snatching in Medieval Europe” sounds like a Master’s Thesis. Or an art rock band.

The shrinking or retracting penis delusion is also a clinically researched known mental illness that has struck parts of Southeast Asia. This report is the first I’ve seen of it happening in Africa too. SDSTAFF Jill already covered the Asian Penis Shrinkage Scare in a Straight Dope column.

It has a name: Koro (which seems to be derived from the Malay word kura meaning ‘tortoise’, referring to the act of retracting back into the body). A Natural History of Penis Panics. Apparently its incidence in Asia goes back to 300 BC, in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine.

Has this been going on long?

And was Lorena Bobbitt involved??? :eek:

Just because someone steals your penis is no reason to go off half-cocked.

“subsequently claiming that their ‘returned’ penis had been replaced but was shrunk, leading them to think it must be a ghost penis or perhaps the wrong one.”

Do you reckon anyone complained about the returned penis being bigger???

A “ghost penis”, eh? So it’s all just ecoplasm?

Probably just took too many cold showers :smiley:

The thread title made me think of the alternative movie, Body of the Snatch Invaders.