Disorder where you fear your dick is shrinking.

Holy shit! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koro_(medicine)

The human mind is a messed up wild west wilderness of mystery. So there is a legitimate, DSM-V listed disorder called Koro where the person fears their genitalia is shrinking. Wow. I dont have any info as to whether it’s something that is on the rise or not but i wonder if the ubiquity of porn is correlated with the disorder.

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Boy, that sounds scary for a guy. I have had some dealings with the lil’wrekker and her body dysmorphia. She gets scared she’s getting fat ( she’s under 100lbs. At age 19.)
Therapy helps.

A koro epidemic was what brought the world the penis-melting Zionist robot comb.

That may be symptom too. :smiley:

It actually affects both genders. Women can be convinced their breasts are shrinking.

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I know this is very common in Malaysia. I think Indonesia too. The literature describes some outbreaks in Thailand, but it’s definitely not common like in those other two countries.

QUOTE=Siam Sam;21168436] My penis. Its hugeness often surprises me.

Surprises you? Like you think it should be smaller? :wink:

Best guess as to penises and aging: they look smaller the older you get much as one’s measured height causes us to think we’re getting shorter when in fact it’s other stuff (back and spinal column related). But that’s me. My vertical height is about an inch less from thirty years ago. Penis length, this I don’t even want to talk about. It’s looks shorter in the bathroom after a shower, sometimes when urinating and just after, especially in a public restroom, but then who in his right mind is going to bring a tape measure into a gent’s room to measure his dick? I can’t say for sure about my size nowadays.

Erections are not so common these days, what with having had my prostate removed almost ten years ago, and e.d. issues as a result despite some nerve sparing. In my youth dick size was nicely above normal, especially for a short guy; and at full tilt way better than that. As I’m alone now, with no partner, am a senior and embarrassed to even discuss the matter, especially with a female I’m not sure how or whether this issue will get resolved. Overall, size, as to genitals, isn’t something I concern myself with since I know that if nothing else I sure had it as as a young dude, so WTF. Well, the desire is still there, and this gets me down. Size is the least of my problems.


Got any cites for this Sam? You know?


Was just gonna say, turn the damn heat up and remeasure. Problem solved.:smiley:

“I was in the pool! I was in the pool!”

A phenomenon in the bodybuilding community too? If you increase the size of your entire body but your dick stubbornly remains the same size, I can see how that might lead to Koro. And maybe “shrinking head” syndrome too.

Consider a somewhat opposite condition priapism:

Frankly priapism sounds worse.

It’s considered a culture-bound syndrome, like amok, ataque de nervios, or hikikomori. IIRC, we have spoken of fan death before. Until pretty recently, anorexia nervosa was rare or non-existent outside Western post-industrial cultures.

Not really comparable. Priapism is a physical condition, where the organ really does remain engorged. Koro is a psychological condition, which just means that you think it’s shrinking. You could in principle have both at once.

Imagine if someone suffered from Koro, but it was precisely offset by temporary priapism so that they thought their dick was the same size that it had always been. Sudden remission in their priapism would be pretty devastating.