Invasion of the SpamFerries!

Those of you who signed up to be my pranksters have been waiting for this thread. The rest of you, I know it’s a misspelling, but when the SpamFerries were born two years ago, it was spelled wrong then so that’s that. No, I was not responsible, despite the homonym connection. :smiley:

Anyway, the first eight postcards have been received. Our prank victim is completely freaked out. Her mother thinks the whole thing is a hoot! My conspiracy-instigating daughter told me that her friend (the victim) got one from matt in Montreal, four from the Captain of the SpamFerries in Waldorf, MD, one from Phoenix, AZ, one from (she thinks) Topeka, KS, and one from Southeastern, PA. At my innocent suggestion, there is now a map in the victim’s house with push pins denoting where the cards originated.

More updates as more cards arrive. Too bad today wasn’t a mail day.

Man, I have to get a postcard TOOT SWEET!

[sub]Glad you made it back from your roadtrip in one piece.[/sub]

I missed the mail going out Monday, and the postal-delivery-person-man didn’t come today for some reason. I hope I get a pretty pin in the map for my postcard. It’s a very pretty postcard. It has pigs.

I want to play too, Mom! I think I missed the original sign-up. :frowning:

I opened this thread thinking “What has Ferrous done!”

Now I am off to read the original thread…

I sent mine on Monday. I signed it simply SPAM. It should be the only one with a postmark from my town on it. There’s a sunset on the front and lyrics from Weird Al’s “Spam” song on the back. :slight_smile:

I’ve got my postcard ready to go tomorrow.

Mine is very volcentric, making it highly appropriate for Knoxville. :smiley:

Mine went in the mail on Friday.

Can’t wait for more updates. If the victim’s freaked out at 8 already, how’s she going to react as they just keep coming?

:smack: Well, now that I’ve clicked on the blatantly obvious link, I’m sending you an email, Mom. I love this sort of thing.

Mine went Thursday. It has a person in a cactus suit on the front and a goofy comment about SPAM consumption causing intelligent life in giant saguaros on the back. The pc would have been postmarked Phoenix so Her Royal SPAMness might already have it.

One should come from Tucson. Glad to add to the riot.

Could that be because it’s…
Veteran’s Day?

:frowning: {sob} How quickly they forget. :frowning:

I am waiting for December to spring my SPAM.

Captain of the SpamFerries?

Can I use that on my resume?

Six more out tomorrow.

Dropped my Oregon Wine Country card in a mailbox today so it should be on it’s way tomorrow. If we can do more than one, I’ll do one or three more 'tween now and Ogmas.

[aside]Where is **Ferrous[/b[ anyway?[/aside]

That’s the question, isn’t it? hehehehe

For the record, we’re close to 90 participants in this reindeer game, and with those who have or will send multiple cards, she’ll get well over 100 postcards! I knew that Dopers would come thru!!

Doesn’t matter when you send - the longer we drag this out, the funnier it will be!

I never got an address or a picture to send mine to!

It may take me a while, since I want to look for a postcard extolling the virtues of scrapple – a local “treat” that could give Spam a run for its money. (Pause for a moment’s reverent reflection on the image of two “meat products” panting towards the tape.) Glad there’s no deadline on this.

I’ll get it out to you right away. Sorry if I overlooked you - I thought I did a pretty good job of answering all requests.

Maybe your ISP ate it?? :confused: Surely I couldn’t have messed up!


Well, neato - this thread has spurred a few more pranksters to join us! Just a reminder - don’t sign your name. Sign the cards from the SPAMFerries or some variation thereof. Be clever, be mysterious, have fun! Freak out a complete stranger! :smiley: