Invisible Wombat is Gary Robson

I’ve been using this here Internet thing for a long time now, and the Straight Dope Message Board is the only place of any significance where I don’t use my real name. Even in articles published in computer hacker magazines, I’ve used my name amongst a sea of pseudonymous writers.

Being anonymous on the SDMB has made some discussions awkward, where I’ve tried to speak as an authority on certain subjects without being able to cite my qualifications, and I’ve been asked in a bunch of threads what books I’ve written. I’ve had to dodge that question, because the books are so specialized I’m often either the only author in the field, or one of two or three (I write about closed captioning for the hearing-impaired, and I’ve written 17–yes, I said 17–children’s books about animal poop and tracks).

Any of you who took the trouble to tie my posts on different subjects together could have figured out who I am anyway. How many authors own a bookstore and newspaper in rural Montana? Just one, as far as I know.

So, as of a bit later today, my online name is changing from InvisibleWombat to Gary “Wombat” Robson. I’m keeping the “Wombat” in there so that discussions in old threads don’t get confusing. The net effect on all of you should be absolutely nil, and most of you probably don’t care. But if you do care, take a peek at my website. I feel like I’ve made some friends in almost seven years here on the Dope, and it will feel good to just be me, no longer hiding behind the veil of anonymity.

Thanks for listening.

So… you’re visible?

Damn it! I’m coming out too!

My real name is Clint Eastwood - yes, THE Clint Eastwood!

You’ll always be Invisible to us. :smiley:

Scat for children!?

Beastiality scat for children.

Next time you have to chastise an evildoer, I hope you’ll say “Who pooped in my forum?”

I have to ask - when has someone questioned your qualifications to talk about children’s books on animal poop?

God bless the SDMB - they’ve got experts on everything.


Awwww. Thanks.

:eek: It’s the books that are for children, jjimm, the books. :smiley:

Hmmm. Maybe that should be my new .sig

Actually, Shodan, it was a different subject. If I recall correctly, I was challenged on some TV-related stuff, and I actually hold a patent on a relevant technology.

Just as a side note: I changed my profile picture to show how I dress when I’m moderating. I understand Marley uses full plate.

No fuzzy ears? :confused:

I may be getting old, but I’m not that old.

Oh, wow, most mods just use a moderator hat, but a moderator mail coif? That takes the cake.

So, if mods aren’t wearing the full mod uniform, we can just ignore them?

What kind of stupid name is that? <spit>

Darn. I was hoping it was something like “Dr. Suess Tells Us Where the Bear Shits”.


Dude knows his shit! :smiley:

I thought he was the Green Lantern. :frowning:

::hands Marley a sawbuck::

I can not find bear tracks and poop. I cannot find them, Mr. Yoop.

Could you find them in a cave?
Would you go there? Are you brave?

I could not, would not in a cave.
I wouldn’t go there. I’m not brave!

Could you find them by a lake?
Could you tell if they were fake?

I just might find them by a lake.
I’d count the toes to spot a fake.
I could not, would not in a cave.
I wouldn’t go there. I’m not brave!

So, do you play darts or soccer?:D:p