Return of the Wombat

After a six-month sabbatical, I have returned to the Dope. Immediately upon my return, the admins grabbed me, performed a minimal goat/octopus re-initiation ceremony, and slipped the moderator harness back on. It seems tighter this time, and I think the buckles in back may be soldered closed.

It was a good sabbatical. I finished the book I was writing, and then built the most awesome Minecraft home/garden/ranch you’ve ever seen. Now that is productivity!

Welcome back, Gary. :slight_smile: I look forward to “Wombat: Michael Myers, 20th Anniversary Sequel.”

Welcome back. Gearing up for Rape Month to start, glad there’s another jackbooted thug on board!

Good to have you back on board. Spammers never sleep.

Where Wombat is, can Periwinkle be far away?


They vowed not to make that mistake again.

Welcome back.


Some days it scarcely seems worth gnawing through the restraints, but we do it anyway.:slight_smile:

What, no frickin’ sharks with frickin’ lasers on their heads watching y’all?

Welcome back! Now get back to work! :mad:

Welcome back, Wombat!!

Gary who?

Welcome back, ya slacker! Hope you’ve been keeping your banhammer-wielding muscles toned.

A book, eh? Published yet? What’s it called? :smiley:

Welcome back. Congratulations on the book! Let us know when it is published.

Oddly enough, I’ve never seen that before. Hmmm. It makes my original Straight Dope name (Invisible Wombat) even more interesting!

Okay, okay. I’m trying to ease back into it so I don’t do something silly like ban everybody on the whole board. 'Cause I’d probably get grief about that for the rest of my life. :wink:

Hey, everyone, she asked! That gives me one free shameless self-promotion!

[shameless self-promotion]
The book is my 18th Who Pooped in the Park? book of scats & tracks for kids. This one is set in the Cascade Mountains, and will be available in the springtime at a bookstore near you (assuming you live in Washington, Oregon, northern California, or southern British Columbia). You can also order copies directly from my bookstore and I’ll happily autograph them for you.
[/shameless self-promotion]

Thanks for the welcomes, everyone!

Well shit.

I guess our long summer/fall of content is over I suppose.

Given all that free time did you fix that glass top with bad scratch?

Welcome back.


Well, sort of. I broke it by accident.

IMO breaking things is a highly underated method of repair.

Does that book have any of those cardboard poop ups? Or is it a schratch and sniff ?
Kids love those things.

I got January 27th in the “First New Over-Moderation/Unfair-Moderation Charge Against Wombat and/or Pit Thread” betting pool.

Hey! Someone had to say it! Besides, you know somewhere something like that is happening!
(But its still great to have you back)