AAAand I'm back.

Man it’s been a while. Can’t even believe I remembered my stupid password. But I hope to get back into active posting on here and look forward to many, many, many important topics to read. Love you all. Good to be back.

Welcome back! So you decided to stay still for a while? :slight_smile:

Please, have some ice cream.

is there still a squid around here I should be afraid of? I seem to remember a squid…is that a damn squid over there in that corner?

You remember the squid? :eek:


Don’t worry - squids have a hard time with moving Targets.

Lots of changes. New mods. The squid dyed it’s tentacles. And some important stuff, which you’ll have to figure out yourself.

That’s not dye; it just inked…prematurely.

Moving around so much you eventually came full circle and wound up back here?

In no particular order, you’ve missed:

[li]the ban-hammer[/li][li]a plucky and chipper quadriplegic who turned out to be … not so much[/li][li]Hi Opal! ( :frowning: )[/li][li]handshake/rape jokes[/li][li]throwing stuff into quarries[/li][li]owning colanders[/li][/ul]

… although the 1920’s death ray might sound familiar to you. And, apparently, the damn squid. So welcome back! :slight_smile:

It’s the goat you have to look out for.

Oh, and do not mention sheep in this forum… :slight_smile:

Fool! You mentioned it! You mentioned it! Now we’ll have to perform Routine 37.ƒ and ::shudder :: clean up afterwards.

I’m glad AAA was able to get you back here. :slight_smile:

It’s squid-flavoured ice cream nowadays. Cafe Society has a lot to answer for.

Welcome home. :smiley:

You don’t have to have the squid-flavoured ice cream. We have wasabi-mint flavour too, And ᐊᕿᒡᒋᖅ-flavour as well.