New here?

Hey everyone. Couldn’t notice the “New Here” post so I thought I’d add one.

Mortal Wombat

Welcome! Jump right in (but beware of squids and pies).


Are you the same Mortal Wombat from Cracked? (Likely not, but I figured I’d ask)

Ooh! This one is visible!

Welcome aboard. Pull up a chair, and enjoy the hummus.

Blondebear - Thanks, but squids and pies doesn’t sound like much to beware of. How about sharks and wasabi peas?

Jragon - No, not me sorry. Just tried to come up with a unique name for a gmail account (long story, probs doesn’t need mentioning here…) obviously not that unique though haha.

Never even tried hummus, is it all that? I’ll have some Marmite if ya got some.

Intro threads go in MPSIMS rather than ATMB.

Sorry, wasn’t aware of that. Thanks for the assistance.

Yes, I’ve got some. Also vegemite and cenovis.

Welcome, welcome! Wasabi-mint ice cream, anyone?

Never heard of Cenovis, had to google that shit.
Vegemite is ok, but you can’t beat the real thing.

And Sunspace, you can keep your ice cream, I think I might head over here to where the waffles are calling me…

Hi, mortal wombat, and welcome to our weird, funny, nitpicky little chunk o’ internet.

Thanks purplehoreshoe. Just got reconnected to the net and was looking for a new place to hang. Used to belong to some zetaboards forum but that place is dead now. I could hear the tumbleweeds as I browsed the “recent posts”.

Welcome.! We have a Gary Wombat here who is a Mod and thus immortal, so you have something to aspire to.:slight_smile:

Mortal Wombat

Welcome, there have been a bunch of you newbies as of late but do not worry we shall get the goat and squid over as soon as possible.



Welcome, Mortal Wombat! Smart move on the ice cream, the squid is nothing to worry about… at allreally… I think you’ll fit in here just fine. The goat, however, is very worriesome, it ate the ice cream and hasn’t been the same since.

Welcome, Mortal Wombat. Have fun!

Another WOMBAT?!?!

What is this? An invasion?

Heh… sorry, that was just my internal monologue leaking out.

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board!
Please do not confuse this place with the Straight Dope Massage Board because this is not that place.
Though I am certain there are some members who are interested in massages, both giving or receiving, this is not, in fact, ‘that’ kind of place.

Just as a reminder. Thursday nights are scheduled for online bowling and simulated curling only. Please restrict paddling to the downstairs, and the safe word is “banana”.

Have fun and do not feed the trolls.
And, as a final note: in regard to the goat and squid, I suggest Astroglide.

I looked at the surveillance vids.

:: shudder ::

It’s not clear who ate who. Ever since that incident with the Monster Bread, I’ve been cautious.

First off - sorry to purplehorseshoe whose name I misspelled amidst all the excitement of the welcome party.

Secondly - WOW! I go to bed for a few hours and come pack to all this. Wow! Thanks for making me feel a part of something here. Drinks all round!