Involuntary switches between SDMB themes

It’s in the title. I noticed during the last few hours that the SDMB theme switches from my preferred sultan theme to the “classic” theme after opening a new page. It’s a bit annoying as I have become accustomed to the new theme and don’t want to change it. This happens in Chrome on a Windows 10 machine. Could this be a server side glitch, or is it on my side?

I have not seen this happen. (Laptop, Windows 7, Chrome.)

Please submit your reports here and let’s see if we can figure this out.

your humble TubaDiva

I had the opposite problem the other day, the SDMB site switching from Straight Dope style back to Sultan. I figured it was something with Firefox though because every single site I had perma-login enabled had dropped me out. The saved logins and passwords were still there; I just had to log back in everywhere.

I’ve only run into this problem when someone includes the StyleID in the URL on a link to something on the site (like linking to a different post).

If the URL contains &styleid=12 or &styleid=16, it will change to the original and Sultan themes, respectively.

I note that these are added to the current page’s URL if you use the quick style changer down at the bottom of the page. I would suggest people use the option in their settings instead of constantly quick switching.

I only want to report that it hasn’t happen again in the last two days though I didn’t change anything like deleting cache or cookies, it just went away. I think it was something on my side, maybe a botched cookie that has been updated in the meantime. But thanks for caring, TubaDiva.