IP banned

Hi. I’ve been a reader of the SDMB for many years. Recently I’ve noticed that at home my IP address is banned. I’ve e-mailed the suggested address twice in the last month asking for help, but I’ve gotten no response. Can you help me?

Obviously a descendant of General John Sedgwick.

Sorry for the trouble. Do you know what your home IP address is? If so, please send it to my email address. (If you don’t know the address, you can use this site to find out once you go home.) Odds are someone in your area was spamming us or being a pain in the ass.

Thank you Marley. I will do that when I get home tonight!

Great. Make sure you write it down first if you can’t access the board from your home.

I admit, I had to look that up. It did make me laugh though!