iPad question - need help fast-ish

took iPod in because it went black - yes I tried the pushing 2 buttons at once - took it in and they went ‘huh’! don’t know what was wrong, so they gave me a new one. they transferred all my stuff into the new one. got it home. FB seems to work, mail seems to work, but it says NO WIFI CONNECTION. WTF? The laptop is working fine. I put in my password to no avail.

What should I do? call Time Warner? Call Apple? why does it not connect to my WiFi? I’ve tried everything, according to the book, and nothing. It just doesn’t turn on to the WiFi.

I am beside myself. I need this thing to work SOON.

Any suggestions :frowning:

How is Mail working w/o WiFi? Do you have 3G?

“Forget" the network, and add it again, making absolutely sure that you are putting in the correct password (it’s case-sensitive).

Reboot your router. Unplug it and plug it back in.

As stated above, “Forget” the network connection. Turn off the iPad (hold the button on the top edge down til it powers down.) Then reset the wifi. After it is up and running, THEN turn the iPad back on and try again.

In cases like this I clear the password on the router to check if it’s a password problem. No one is going to log into your Wifi and download a couple of movies in the short period you’ll need to check this.

I took it in and after an HOUR they decided they didn’t know what was wrong with it. So they gave me a new one and are sending the old one back to the factory. It was working fine at the Apple store.

I get home, and it says “no internet connection”. I go to settings and put in my password. “No internet connection.” :mad::mad::mad: My laptop was working just fine, but the F’in new iPad couldn’t connect to my WiFi. Son of a bitch.

A couple of technical type people came over, and THEY couldn’t get it going, either, for a long time.
Eventually they took out their cell phones and did something, and finally yelled, “got it!”

I’m very glad and grateful for their efforts. However, when I asked them what they did, they said truthfully, they didn’t know what it was they did to make it work. :confused::confused::confused:

I may be back here, someday, whining “why isn’t my iPad working? my wireless connection is fine”…