iPhone 11 experience anyone?

I love my iPhone 6s plus. Its battery has held up better than any previous phone and it is a great device that is still supported and running iOS 13.

Yesterday a friend of mine who wanted to thank me for some help I gave him earlier in the year told me he was getting me an iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB as an early xmas present that should arrive today at his house.

So, anyone using the eleven? How do you like it? What’s great/not great?

What do I do with the 6? I originally thought I’d give it to my gf to upgrade her from the 5, but when I told her I was getting the 11 she said she wanted one also. I usually just trade my old phone in, but it looks like I’m going to need to do something with the 6.

Well, it’s one louder, innit?

I have the 11 Pro. I’ve been upgrading every couple of years, so a lot of the speed upgrades feel kind of incremental to me. But the screen quality boosts are always noticeable and the new camera, especially in night mode, is damn near magical.

I can’t wait to try the night mode. I’ve seen pictures taken with it that were amazing.

You must have some younger family members. Give it to a kid. They will love it.

What did you upgrade from? I have an iPhone X, bought in December 2017 and on first look, I don’t see anything compelling me to upgrade. Perhaps next year’s model will support 5G and I’ll upgrade then, but we’ll see.

My son and daughter got new phones last xmas. They like Samsung phones.

There’s a kiosk at my Wal-Mart where you can sell phones. You won’t get much. But at least it won’t languish in a drawer somewhere.
Mid-daughter kept an old iPhone for music she listens to, at the gym.

I just went from the 6s to an XR, and the battery life of the XR is noticeably better - I assume the 11 would be the same. I liked the size of the 6s a little better, the XR is bigger than I need.

The Face ID is really nice. There were lots of times when my thumb/fingers would not work the fingerprint sensor on the 6s, such as if they were slightly wet or if I’d been doing manual work and my fingers were not as supple as usual. Face ID works well.

The one drawback with the newer iPhones is the lack of a headphone jack. This drives me nuts. The headphones that come with it will not, under any circumstances, stay in my ears for more than a couple of seconds, so I need aftermarket earbuds. Plus you can’t have it connected to the charger while using it.

So I bought a little gadget on Amazon that lets you hook up a charger and headphones at the same time, but when it came in I discovered that the headphones connector is just another lightning connector, not the 3.5 mm audio jack.

Then I ordered another, making sure that the new one would be an audio jack for the headphones. That one came in and it’s just for music out, it doesn’t support the microphone, so you can’t use it on a phone call.

Why did they not include an audio jack on the phone? Design malpractice IMO.

As I understand it, the lack of an audio jack is to reduce points at which water can enter, so the phone can be submerged for a longer period.

(Personally, the big improvement for me with recent phones is the wireless charging. It may seem a minor thing and it probably is, but it’s a convenience not to have to connect that little cable each night.)

No experience with the 11 but I never trade in my phones. I always keep them as back ups. Personally I’ve never lost or broken a phone but I have 7 phones on my family plan and inevitably someone will break a phone multiple times within 2 years and I found the insurance plans useless. So, I say “oh, you broke your iPhone X? Cool, here’s the backup iPhone 5 you can use until that one’s paid off or you come up with another $500-1000.”

I had an X. The speed difference (especially the Face ID unlocking) is nice but not mindblowing. Big difference for me is the camera, since that’s really the #1 use where the performance matters to me.

Lemme throw in a plug for a not-free app I’m currently playing with. Focos. Since the newer phones now all capture a depth map with each photo, Focos can use that depth map to create a 3D-like rendering of the scene. You can then add virtual lights and change the focal plane and depth of field after the fact (assuming a good enough photo to start with)

I don’t know if this will be part of my tools going forward, but it’s mind blowing just to play with.

I had an iPhone 6S for four years. Its battery had severely degraded to the point where it wouldn’t last 2 hours sometimes. I just got an 11 a few days ago and am still bonding with it. Battery life is an incredible difference. Face ID works well, although the 6S’s fingerprint worked fine for me. So far I am very happy but I’m still learning this new phone.

Well, thanks for all the info. I got the phone and it is freaking amazing. Starting with the setup, which is an area I think Apple excels in. I turned the new phone on and it immediately wanted to pair with my old phone. Everything went smoothly.

The face recognition is so fast that I didn’t think the lock was working! I had to get my gf to pick up my phone. Yep, it was locked for her, but the split second my face came into view, boom it unlocked.

I’m following this thread with interest, because I’m in the market for a new phone, and the iPhone 11 (just the standard one, not the Pro) is top of the list.

I have a 6S and just in the last few months the battery has become a problem. Used to be I only needed to charge it once a day, now twice.

Is face recognition the only way to unlock or can you still use fingerprint?

I am pretty sure I’ll upgrade to iPhone 11 in 2020 I just need to figure out some money stuff.

Apple will replace the battery for $49. so that might be a way to extend the life of your phone for a while longer.

It’s probably my new-found obsession with Reddit that is causing my battery problems to be honest. But that’s good to know - for some reason I thought they were $75 to replace. I had it done last year or the end of 2017 when they had their $25 special. But $49 is not too much to spend for more longevity in a $700 device!

Really, I am waiting for iPhones to get smaller. And they are, I think. I think the 11’s are smaller than the 10’s were? The 11’s are THAT much bigger than my 6s but the Pro is the one that is closer in size.

I’m a woman who doesn’t carry a purse so usually I don’t have pockets that are the right size to fit a phone. I’ve made my peace with my current phone and clothing, I can’t imagine trying to shove something bigger into these “pockets” I already have.

You cannot use fingerprint, as there is no Home button on the 11. Only Face Recognition, on the 11.

So far it works pretty well.

Yeah my 6S battery was pathetic, and having the 11 a few more days now, it’s incredible how good a decent battery is!

Same here, setup was great. I forced an iCloud backup of the 6S (the most recent one was from the night before), and the 11 was set up almost identically and with all apps enabled and organized like on my old 6S.

Funny thing, at the Apple store and before the guy came out with my 11 I was frantically snapping screen shots of my 6S and how my apps were organized – I have all my apps on one screen, either directly on that screen or in folders on that screen. When the Apple guy came out and we did the setup, he chuckled that I had taken all those screen shots.

Ahh well, better to have it and not need it… :slight_smile: