iPhone 6s: Turn on notifications

Whenever I drive (and I have my phone with me) my phone says that I will not receive notifications while I’m driving. I have to tap the non-notification notification and click on ‘I’m not driving’. If I make a stop, I don’t get the non-notification notification so I don’t know if I’m still going to be notified or not.
So: How do I set my iPhone 6s so that it will always notify me of phone calls and text messages, whether I’m driving or not?

I went to Settings => Do Not Disturb. I chose Activate, and changed from Automatically to Manually. It says 'Do Not Disturb While Driving can be activated manually from Control Center. I think I’ve stumbled upon the answer to my own question. Can anyone tell me if I’ve done what I wanted to do?

My mom had this problem with her iPhone…she changed the setting like you did. I do believe she ended up having to go to the Verizon store (she’s a Verizon customer) to have it fixed. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get the feature to stop blocking her while driving (or rather, while she was in the car as a passenger!)

So, if that doesn’t work, consider there might be a bug and you might need to go somewhere for help.

‘Nobody ever calls me or texts me’, so there’s no easy way to see what will happen. But if I do get a text while I’m driving, will it still appear on the screen even if notification is turned off? That is, I would not get the notification sound, but I can still see that I have a text?

The only time I get texts is if Mrs. L.A. wants me to pick up something on the way home, or wants to know where I am on my commute. So having notifications off while I’m driving accomplishes the opposite of what I need.

You did.