iPhone 8 commercial - Couple in a restaurant, guy gives phone for their 'anniversary'.

A clueless putz gives a woman he has dated for 32 (?) days a new iPhone as a gift.

The actress is, to me, stunning and I cannot take my eyes off of her when the commercial runs (about every 15 minutes).

Are you with me or agin me?

I could not find a video link, but here is a screenshot.

*Pretty Actress Appears in TV Commercial, No One Surprised

ETA: Here is link to video

Of course she’s pretty (as is pretty much everyone on TV), but she’s not somebody that I would have noticed as being particularly mesmerizing. She must have a particular set of features that hit your personal buttons.

Well, since you are asking, let’s just say I did not have the same reaction as you. Instead I actually commented to someone that I was surprised they cast such a non-standard-pretty (OK, funny looking) person as it draws attention to itself (to me anyway).


Never mind the girl, the commercial is creepy. That is far too expensive a gift for such a short time together.

She has a passing resemblance to Sarah Hyland (to me, anyway). YMMV.

I do believe it was intended to be a bit oddball and creepy.

I call it quirky-cute.

That’s not my iPhone 8 swelling in my pocket, I’m just happy to see you!

Of course it’s a stupid reason to give someone a phone: That’s the point. The guy is just looking for an excuse to buy iPhones (plural, even), because he loves them so much.

As for the actress, I can see what the OP is getting at, because she almost (though not quite) pushes my particular buttons, too. She doesn’t meet the conventional standards of beauty, but I’m pretty sure that it’s an established thing that people with unconventional appearances, while they appeal to fewer people, appeal more strongly to those they do appeal to. And given that any given product is going to have multiple commercials, and given that people are going to most strongly remember the commercials that do appeal to them, and given that only one commercial needs to work on any given customer, it makes a lot of sense to cast unconventionally-attractive people in commercials.

I wish I knew someone for a month that would buy me an expensive gift, not particularly attached to iPhones, but I 'll take the cash please! The guy does look kinda pervish, though.

I think **Chronos **nailed it. I know she is not your classical beauty. She is certainly not gonna be the next Possum Queen, for instance. But something about her really mashes my taters.

FWIW, the still photo I posted doesn’t do her justice; her facial expressions in the video representation do, indeed, push virtually every button I have.

Seems I’m pretty much alone on that, though.

Congrats on completely missing the point of the OP.

But thanks for the link.

You’re welcome. I didn’t miss the point of your OP, I just teased you a little.

I remember when the subtext of most commercials was “if you buy our product, you’ll get sex.”

Now, apparently, commercials tell us “if you give someone sex, you’ll get an iPhone.”

Ah, ok.


My reaction to the commercial was “what message is Apple trying to send here? iPhone – the phone of socially clueless needy dweebs?” I mean, if so, I should probably get one, but still, it’s a pretty bizarre message.

This is how the conversation should go:

Woman: Nice phone! Thank you! Uh… where do I plug in my headphones?
Man: You can’t. Apple decided that it would be better to delete the headphone jack so they could make the phone 2mm thinner.
Woman: What? Does Apple know that headphones are like, a key feature of a phone/music player?
Man: Well, you just need to plus in this dongle…
Woman: Oh yeah, a phone 2mm thinner with a big dongle hanging off it is SO much better. Sorry, but if this is your idea of good design, this date is over!

Then the kicker: the man starts crying, and the camera pans to his face and we discover it’s Tim Cook.

Or maybe I dreamed it.

Not alone, sir. I agree… she’s uniquely cute! I like the way she (on-script) handles the awkwardness; that adds to her charm.

Good story Sam. However, I worry that people just don’t care about headphone jacks. The new pixel phones don’t have headphone jacks either.