iPhone game: Hero Academy

It’s really fun and I’m totally getting addicted!

It’s basically a turn based strategy game, but the fun bit is that you don’t have computer players - instead, you challenge other people, and the game is played like Words with Friends, on an asynchronous basis! Kinda like chess by mail.

There are two different sides, the humans and the dark elves. Fairly generic fantasy stuff. You win by either killing all their guys, or killing their crystals. The dark elves are two bucks, but the humans are free to play. I say ostensibly free to play, though, because the ads are so obnoxious and the dark elves so stylish I got them anyway. Hey, it’s only two bucks.

Anyone else into this?


Moved Cafe Society --> the Game Room.

Man, I keep forgetting games don’t go in CS any more. Maybe the reception will be better in here?
… anyone…?

I keep hearing about it. How is it like Words with Friends? In what way(s)?