iPhone (IOS 9.2) - open new tab in background in Safari?

Hi all,

I’m using an iPhone 6, running IOS 9.2. When I’m browsing a page like a news site or a forum, with a number of links or stories or threads on one page, my default behaviour is to work my way through the page opening any interesting-looking links in a new tab as I go. Then I start reading the tabs one at a time. I’ve done this as long as tabbed browsing has been a thing, and it’s pretty ingrained by now.

Safari on the iPhone is interrupting this workflow pretty badly. Pressing and holding a link, and selecting “open in new tab” does so, but also switches to the new tab as well, removing focus from the page I was viewing.

This is annoying. It sounds trivial, but when I’m opening lots of new tabs, the constant tab-switching becomes a real flow killer. I’ve been through the settings for Safari and Googled a bit, but I haven’t seen any option to configure Safari to open new tabs “quietly” in the background. Am I missing something, or is there a setting I’ve missed? I’m pretty sure that Safari on my iPad doesn’t do this - it opens the tab in the background without interrupting me. (I’m not sure what version of IOS the iPad is running as I don’t have it to hand).

If it’s not possible to open tabs in the background on iPhone, does anyone have recommendations for alternative browsers on IOS that can?


From your home screen:
Settings ->
Safari ->

Under General change “Open Links” from “in New Tab” to “in Background.”

Thank you!

Worked a charm. :slight_smile:

With the OP answered, I’ll ask a follow-up. Is there any way to force Safari to actually load the background page? When I switch to a background tab, the page starts loading right then. Part of the point of opening things in background tabs is so that I don’t have to suffer the loading of every. single. page. (This is a more general caching gripe, as it happens when navigating back to a previous page in the same tab.)