iPhone / iTunes synch help?


I’m having issues with iTunes and syncing to an iPhone. Well, I’m having LOTS of issues but I think I’ve got it down to one final issue to at least make the phone work correctly with my PC.

I am using Outlook Express (mail), Internet Explorer (bookmarks) and Windows Address Book (contacts) as my applications to have the iPhone sync to. I actually use Outlook (contacts, calendar, mail) and Firefox but iTunes does not support sync to Firefox and it stubbornly refuses to sync with Outlook even though it is supposedly supported. I’ve spent and hours trying various “fixes” that have not worked to get iTunes to sync to Outlook - no luck at all but there are a lot of very unhappy people out there experiencing problems. So as a work-around, I exported my contacts from Outlook to WAB and setup my POP3 mail account in OE.

iTunes identified these applications and sync’ed correctly to the iPhone all my contact and mail account settings at first. .

The problem now is, 99% of the time when I put the iPhone back in the cradle, iTunes does not sync to WAB or OE anymore. It only syncs music. Under the Info tab in iTunes for the iPhone, the Sync Contacts, Sync Mail, and Sync Bookmarks are all blank. Clicking the check box besides each does nothing as there are no selections presented in the selection box for each item. (In other words, I cannot choose OE, WAB, or IE).

Outlook Express is the default email and newsgroup application (Selected in both OE and IE).

I cannot find anything online that addresses this issue in the Apple forums or other trouble-shooting sites. Any dopers familiar with the iPhone/iTunes and this kind of issue?

Windows XP SP2
iTunes v
iPhone v 1.0.2