iPhone users who also use Outlook - how are you overcoming the calendar SNAFU?

Old news, but I thought I’d check to see if any of you have come across a viable work around for this. For some time now, Outlook calendar has been unable to sync with iPhone calendars. I’ve googled to look for solutions, but haven’t been able to find any. Do any of you Outlook for Mac users with iPhones have a workaround? There seems to be a solution if you use Exchange, but I don’t, so that’s not a possibility.

Yes, I realize switching applications/computers/handheld would solve the problem, but I’m an old man and set in my ways. :wink:

I know zip about Macs. So what follows may be helpful by analogy, but not for specific click here, download this advice.

I’m a pure PC guy and I use a Live.com calendar syncing between my Outlook 2010 on my Win 7 PC, Outlook 2013 on my Win 8.1 Surface tablet, and the calendar app on my Win 8.1 phone.

In both my PC and the tablet the built-in local calendar is still in Outlook, but that’s not the one I actually use. I leave that one hidden and store all my events in the shared one on Live.com.

So …

Can your version of Mac Outlook use a calendar based on Live.com? And can iPhone sync to such a calendar using either its built-in calendar app or one provided by Microsoft? Conversely, can those apps sync to an iCloud calendar or a gMail calendar or a Yahoo calendar?

IOW, your real goal is to find a cloud-based calendar that your version of Outlook for Mac can connect to and for which there’s a corresponding connector app for your version of iPhone.
One last hint: When asking for computer advice it helps immensely if you tell us what version of Mac, what version of Mac OS, what version of Outlook for Mac, and what version of iPhone you have. There’s literally a thousand permutations of those 4 variables and not all will have the same answer. Help us help you.

Thank you! Yes, you’d think that would work. Bizarrely Outlook.com won’t sync with Outlook for Mac. (And the iPhone Outlook app won’t either.) It’s like they went out of their way to make this not work.

Fair point about the specs: MacBook pro running Yosemite 10.10.2; Outlook 2016 preview (but it doesn’t work with Outlook 2011 either); iPhone 5S with the latest iOS (just updated yesterday; but hasn’t worked for several iterations of iOS either)

Hell, I can’t even get Outlook to sync with my Google calendar without manually uploading my Outlook calendar as an iCal file. Apparently it’s because of my company’s server settings.