Ipod Touch 3.0 OS update Problems

I figure this will get moved here anyway, so I am just saving time.

I forked over 10 bucks to update my Ipod Touch 2nd G today.

Now, it can’t update my Apps. (Tap Tap 2, and Arcade Hoops.)

Anyone else have this problem?

Pretty sure it’s because Apple’s servers are over-loaded right now.

Yeah, I was having trouble earlier, too. I upgraded my iPhone to 3.0. It seemed like everything took a long time today, from verifying the download to connecting to the iTunes store. Expect it to get just as bad when the new iPhone goes on sale Friday.

I got them updated. I was thinking that, Apple wouldn’t mix up the traffic like that.

As it was, I don’t see why they didn’t start at Midnight, or perhaps even earlier on the 16th.

You are going to have a lot of traffic regardless, you can at least force a quasi stagger if you start before you say you will.

My computer shut down while updating the Apps. But then again, I believe I have a bad RAM problem.

And yes, it also makes me think of my RAM in a leather jacket, doing some over the top 50’s cliche. Yeah, it’s bad. You know it.