iPod won't sync TV shows. What am I doing wrong?

So I’ve been getting some shows for the kids. Kim Possible, Little Einsteins, and so forth. Long car trip coming up, I’m trying to move them from iTunes to the iPod so the kids can watch them in the car. But only some of them will sync. There’s plenty of space on the Pod. I figure I screwed up some setting someplace. Can anyone give some guidance?

When I’ve downloaded several shows at once, I frequently get time out errors. It helped when I tried to download during non-peak times (e.g. 2am). Are you able to get to the screen which shows the progress of the downloads?

They’re downloaded to iTunes. But they’re not syncing to the iPod. Weird, eh?

Have you checked the setting for TV shows on the iPod? In iTunes, click on the iPod and then the “TV Shows” tab. It may not be set to sync the shows.