Irate Internet Explorer question

Last night I updated Macromedia Shockwave Player. Today IE is screwed up as follows:

Any sort of dragging takes perhaps a second to earn a responce. The delay is greater on more complicated sites (eBay’s is terrible, Yahoo Mail’s login page has little to no trouble).

So, does anyone have an idea what’s wrong with it? I’ve already removed shockwave, to no avail.


Have you cleared your Temporary Internet Files? If not, go to Tools|Internet Options, hit Delete Files, check the box for Delete all offline content, and hit OK. This may take a while if you haven’t done it recently.

Adware and spyware may also cause slowness. You should run Spybot and Ad-aware to check for them.

Are you running one of the XP Operating Systems? You might try System Restore if you have it enabled.

Does this only happen with IE - or are other apps similarly affected? If others are affected, something may be hogging your CPU.