Irish Cheddar

I picked up a small block of cheddar from a display for St. Paddy’s day and it turns out I really like it. It is Kerrygold aged white Cheddar. I’ve never heard of it before. Is anyone else familiar with this or am I just now “discovering” the Kraft of Ireland?

As an ex resident of Ireland I confirm that Kerrygold is a pretty run of the mill Irish brand sold in most supermarkets.

They started carrying Irish cheddar around here about 4-5 years ago. We have the brand you mentioned and a couple others.

They are indeed quite good. It’s a different sort of cheddar than American or English cheddar - dryer and a bit sharp. I usually have some around.

You might want to try Kerrygold Dubliner. I love their aged cheddar and the Dubliner.

Kerrygold might object to being called the “Kraft of Ireland”. It’s a co-operative owned by the dairy farmers.

Not my intent at all… I found something I had never heard of, and liked it. But I found it in a cheesy (no pun intended) display at a supermarket, so before I embarassed myself by saying what a rare find I stumbled across asked it it was a well known brand.

Doesn’t matter anyway… I like it and will probably buy more in the future.

Last week I picked up some Kerrygold Dubliner with Irish Stout at Trader Joe’s. I saved it for tonight, and found it quite good. I’m hoping that it wasn’t just something TJ’s was carrying for St Patrick’s Day.

So it’s more accurate to call Kerrygold the “Tillamook of Ireland” then?

BTW, that’s not supposed to be an insult. Tillamook makes very good cheese (much better than Kraft) and is a big seller in the American Pacific Northwest.

Costco carries the Dubliner cheese; I’ve been buying it for a few years now. Delicious, sharp cheese with an excellent crumbly texture.

If you can ever get your hands on some Kilmeaden Irish Cheddar you should try it. Some call it the ‘fillet of cheddar’.

Yeah, Kilmeaden is the way to go if you can get it.

I love Kerrygold butter–try it and you’ll never go back to that flavorless Land o’ Lakes.

Why would they take that as an insult?! It looks very much like the same sort of arrangement. Kraft’s kind of a dirty word (fucking over Cadbury’s etc) in the UK at the moment, in very much the sort of way that a co-operative like Kerrygold, or indeed Tillamook, probably wouldn’t want to be associated with.

I got a Kerrygold cheddar with ale and mustard a few weeks ago. It was spectacularly good. Would have been great on a roast beef sandwich.

I was just about to say it was the Cabot of Ireland. It’s a decent quality supermaket cheese, but it doesn’t have any uber-snob value.

I started buying it because it was the cheapest “good” cheddar at Woodman’s. This was a couple of years ago. I really, really likeit.

Aye Kilmeaden is one of the nicest.

Just to make sure I’m not starting an international incident… I was not aware of any negative bias to the name Kraft in the UK. In the US it is considered… big, widely available, good quality but not something you would brag about, and pretty much the standard cheese you would find anywhere.

Then, I was not saying Kerrygold IS like Kraft (in the big standard brand of cheese way), but IS Kerrygold like Kraft? (in the big standard brand of cheese way).

I really don’t need the Irish Cheese Mafia tracking me down for insulting them.

Did I mention I really liked it… and I’ll probably buy more… maybe paying in small bills in an envelope under the counter every Thursday if necessary.

Oh, it’s on. :slight_smile:

Nah, your name’s Spud. The Irish won’t be out to get you. :slight_smile:

Kraft has or had the same sort of reputation in the UK - perfectly OK cheese-type products, not what you’d give to company but edible and of consistent, if not top, quality. It’s just the whole Cadbury’s thing that’s got a lot of people up in arms at present.