Irish Erot-O-Matic

You too can “make love on the lawn like crazed corncrakes”!
A nice fun silly site, also with a Father Ted_O-Matic!


Paging Michael Ellis…paging Michael Ellis

Phil McCracken? Father Phil McCracken? Is that you?

Duke Sorry, maybe I am just half-asleep, but who is Michael Ellis, please?

Celyn: Why, Michael Ellis is our fellow Doper who’s posted about 100 times just using the words “Feck! Arse! Drink!”, words which are key elements of the “Father Ted-O-Matic.” I thought he’d appreciate the link…

OK - thanks for explaining - I’ve been away from SDMB for a bit and just getting familiar with it again. I made the same words key elements of the “amuse the grandkids colourful magnetic fridge letters” too, but my mother (the grandma in question) , never did notice.


Hey celyn! I was trying to organise a glasdope a while ago!! how you?

Hmm…I’ll try that later.

And who can forget my favorite Irishman:

Miles O’Toole

What a great pornstar name :slight_smile:

Ooops - sorry, Twisty. Wow - really in Glagow? I missed it - that will teach me to go AWOL from the boards. :frowning:

<writes out a nundred times " I must pay attention>


I’ll drop you a mail next time I’m going over :wink:

Yes, please do. Email is