Iron Maiden Vinyl Reissues

The first 4 of 12 vinyl reissues of Iron Maiden albums are available today!

From the March announcement:

Parlophone Records will follow 2014’s reissue of the first eight IRON MAIDEN albums, which spanned the 1980s, with twelve brand new pressings of albums from the period 1990-2015 in heavyweight 180g black vinyl.

Unlike the 1980’s reissues which were cut from the original analogue master tapes, the audio on these releases has been cut from the high resolution remasters of 2015 when the Maiden catalogue was digitally upgraded. They will be packaged in identical artwork to the initial vinyl releases.

The records will be released chronologically across a three month period:

May 19th: No Prayer For The Dying / Fear Of The Dark / The X Factor / Virtual XI

June 23rd: Brave New World / Rock In Rio (Live) / Dance Of Death / A Matter Of Life And Death

July 21st: Death On The Road (Live) / Flight 666 (Live) / The Final Frontier / En Vivo! (Live)

I’m toying with the idea of getting the entire set, but at the very least I might have to pick up No Prayer for The Dying: my first Maiden concert was during the “No Prayer on the Road” tour (1/29/91, at the Spectrum in Philly; the opening act was Anthrax). That album is still one of my favorites.

(#1 for me will always be Somewhere in Time, which was part of the 2014 reissues that didn’t use the high-res remasters of the current series… :frowning: )

Did they ever fix the problems from the mid 2000s remasters? A couple of the songs, Powerslave and Piece of Mind I believe, did not end when the song ended and spill over into the next song. It’s quite annoying to listen to sometimes. I’ve bought enough of the remastered stuff that I’ve no reason to buy these. I doubt they will be cheap either, and since all I would do is look at it I’ll let others buy them.

I’ll have to pass as well. I’d have to transfer them to tape to listen in the car and my car doesn’t have a tape player.

Hmm, I don’t know. But even if they didn’t, with vinyl I imagine that being less of an issue because I’d be listening to entire sides at a time.

Understandable. For me, it’s mostly about not having any Maiden on vinyl yet. When I originally got Somewhere In Time it was on casette, and after that I got CDs. I never picked up any of the 2014 vinyl reissues.

Yeah, I’ve ordered the four that are available now and they’re running $29 per album on Amazon. I spent the extra $8 to get the “complete 1990-2015 collection” case, assuming that I’ll also buy the others as they get released. I have the disposable income, so I figured what the hell. :slight_smile:

I’ve got some spare money, but not that much! I don’t own a record player so I couldn’t play them anyway.

You going to the concert at Jiffy Lube? I just bought my lawn ticket. Can’t believe some tickets are going for $400+.

Nah. I can’t remember what I was thinking when the tix first went on sale…two good friends have birthdays that weekend, so maybe I figured I’d be busy.

It’s nearly impossible to get anyone to go see Maiden with me. One of my cousins is also a fan and we’ve seen them together in the past, but he lives in PA with a toddler and he sells cars for a living; coming here on a Saturday would be a challenge (I think the last time we saw them together *was *at Jiffy Lube, but on a Thursday night or something). Most of my friends who are into music are jazz musicians – as am I – and even the ones with eclectic tastes generally aren’t metal fans. Though I wouldn’t really call myself a heavy metal fan so much as an Iron Maiden fan. :slight_smile:


I think the last time I saw them my pavilion ticket was around $100. I don’t think I’d be willing to pay much more.

(Vinyl, yes; concert tickets, no. Weird? Maybe!)

What? You don’t have a car record player? They should be the next thing to be brought back. Why, I don’t know why every self-respecting audiophile doesn’t already have one.